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Example sentences for Physical therapy

They swear by the operations, claiming they helped people who had no chance of improvement in physical therapy.
With the right medication, the pain and swelling diminished, and she began physical therapy.
To alleviate the symptoms of this disease, doctors typically recommend medication and physical therapy.
During physical therapy, brain regions near the site of damage do often take on lost functions, but it is a gradual process.
By the way, have had countless exams and even physical therapy.
Hospitalized for two weeks, got physical therapy and a trial of steroids.
The good news is that physical therapy can help many regain lost abilities and even walk again.
She receives physical therapy and dental care, and her hair is washed and set twice a week.
Eventually, discharged to a nursing home for physical therapy.
They sent in truckloads of occupational and physical therapy and emotional support.
Paraplegics, especially, aren't getting the finely tuned physical therapy they need.
The mainstay of treatment is an initial period of rest with pain and anti-inflammatory medications followed by physical therapy.
When thoracic outlet syndrome affects the nerves, the first treatment is always physical therapy.
Physical therapy involves different exercises, including muscle stretching and strengthening exercises.
Rest, physical therapy, and exercise may be recommended for flank pain caused by muscle spasm.
The first treatment for a slipped disk is a short period of rest with medications for the pain, followed by physical therapy.
He hopes to play professional football but is also considering medical school or a career in physical therapy.
She'd been in college before the shooting, and now she's in physical therapy pretty much full-time.
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