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But he didn't see his use of new technology as core to his teaching philosophy.
Generally, philosophy is derived by individuals, with varying input.
This is the central idea of Gandhian philosophy.
Being a philosopher to myself, I see philosophy as a means of accepting life.
You're a philosophy professor now.
He was at war with the philosophy and with the temper of the revolution.
We have had the same philosophy.
The study of philosophy is a pillar of a liberal education.
More of this philosophy appears explicitly in his discussion of the reading of statutes, an address he delivered in 1947.
To do the Unix philosophy right, you have to be loyal to excellence.
That, in essence, is the philosophy behind the simple structure pictured here.
Over the years various companies have flitted uncertainly from one philosophy to another.
But hey, maybe a few missionaries spreading your own outdated, dysfunctional philosophy will help.
Philosophy has a long and storied history of public engagement.
Philosophy is a pretty traditional field with regard to publication expectations.
My particular area of philosophical specialisation is the philosophy of science, especially the philosophy of biology.
Please submit letter of application, vita, sample of academic writing and a two-page statement of educational philosophy.
Three years' work was devoted to philosophy, and four years' drill was given in theology.
His philosophy really came through in his characters and his collaborative work with other people.
Its governing philosophy was as harsh as its terrain.
They've changed as philosophies change-the philosophy of the society.
There are so many symbols-the paintings have theology, philosophy, history.
He wrote countless letters about his philosophy, observations of people and places.
Often, doughnuts were sold with their own can-do philosophy.
In any sport, each and every team has their own philosophy.
Training differs in philosophy, length and substance.
He'll chat with her about her path from college drop-out to superstar, her philosophy on fame, and her new album.
Because while researchers have built awesome technology, they've failed to grapple with philosophy.
First of all, as far as philosophy is concerned, it's always been one of my abiding interests.
Religion is not itself a philosophy of religion, a formulation of religion, an organization of religion.
After you finished medical school you got a doctorate in philosophy.
Another is the small industry it has created within philosophy and literary studies.
It is the leader of a style of cooking, of a social movement, and of a comprehensive philosophy of doing good and living well.
It prefers his small government, pro-market philosophy.
Before taking it, he had given umpteen speeches about his aims and philosophy.
It's more along the lines of another branch of philosophy and not a science of its own.
He was modest, claiming that he took up philosophy because he was not clever enough for music or mathematics.
Each employee had to sign an individual contract detailing the new philosophy and way of working.
But it was only half his philosophy, and not even the more important half.
But the resulting differences in policy have more to do with nuance than deep philosophy.
Our philosophy is to tackle issues with a forward-looking, uniquely global perspective.
So the lessons one draws from that single example do little more than reflect one's current philosophy.
The compact promotes the philosophy of the corporate social responsibility movement.
They would appear to have little time for philosophy.
His philosophy has pitted him against those who have argued that wildlife must be protected from humans.
In line with that philosophy are the ways in which participants are recognized at each stage.
Students may discover that the issues of tiger survival involve philosophy as much as conservation strategy.
Our philosophy is that vigorous and respectful adventure travel can help sustain and repair a region.
Some companies do manufacture these products in accordance with the organic philosophy, and will note as much on the label.
Slow-cook philosophy in kitchen, infusing local fish and game with flavors of wild berries and local herbs.
Since the beginning of my tenure as a zoo animal keeper the philosophy surrounding enrichment has evolved.
The eat-local philosophy really caught on this year.
Organic agriculture has always had a strong component of holistic philosophy to temper bottom-line economics.
We wanted to create a fun and irreverent site that explored creativity and spirituality and philosophy.
And when he talks to you about a scene or a script or whatever-a moment-the references are philosophy, religion, music.
He was into poetry, philosophy, and religions-everything.
Leslie brings him books on philosophy and art history.
If they are philosophers, they should do philosophy properly.
Another mistake in the article is the claim that circular reasoning isn't admissible in science, inherited from philosophy.
Questions about software and the mind are central to cognitive science and philosophy.
Rather, its philosophy is that if you take the best people and give them the right resources, they will do important work.
No reason, that is, except for the company's philosophy.
Learn the difference among philosophy, economics, and corruption.
Certainly not math or science, or philosophy or logic.
The problem with contemporary theoretical physicists is that they do not know the history and philosophy of physics.
Perhaps this is the reason why, although his political philosophy frequently goes out of fashion, it never quite becomes obsolete.
Then he ascribes to me a specific social philosophy.
Brain science helps fill the hole left by the atrophy of theology and philosophy.
His subjects include aesthetic theory and the philosophy of film and visual arts.
Happily for him, and the prospects of his eventual fortune, his business interests align perfectly with his personal philosophy.
The philosophy, instead, seems to be to stuff them early and late.
It's as much aesthetic philosophy in action as it is painting.
It's harder to make out the contours of the philosophy at the core of this dazzling blur of action.
Starve the beast, as a philosophy, has nothing to say about what exactly gets cut from the government budget.
The problem of evil has long been the province of philosophy.
It is perhaps equally true that no bread would ever have been baked without philosophy.
Some of the earliest works of western philosophy and science were written with a left hand.
Thanks to science, industry and moral philosophy, mankind's steps had at last been guided unerringly up the right path.
Instead, the development team decided to demonstrate that it was taking the philosophy of the game seriously.
He also notes that the foundation of common unity can be traced back to the perennial philosophy.
All of these issues find their home in my field of philosophy: bioethics.

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