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Nor are they merely the result of individual owners' personality traits.
Personality and character are revealed less in words than in action.
Oh, he's for real, with all the opposing personality traits that you can mention.
Studies of personality traits may offer clues about why the rescue was so widely supported.
The fact is, people want a character that essentially is a metal embodiment of a human personality.
Every year is represented by an animal, and legend has it that people born under that animal have certain personality traits.
Heredity does have an influence not only over medical risks but also over certain behaviors and personality traits.
To study personality cults today is to study an endangered species.
Unbelievably, the surgery has no apparent effect on personality or memory.
Kids especially love the train theme in this family-owned burger joint―a fast food-style restaurant with personality.
Sometimes, all your computer needs is a little personality.
Henry, already almost erased physically, remains a personality and an identity.
Relationships between personality traits and driving records were also revealed.
Aggression also depends on breed characteristics and to a lesser extent on personality.
But bundles of personality traits do tend to cluster together in people.
It's not easy to be a motivational personality these days.
And that is more or less it on the glitz and personality front.
Look for fantastic little finds that let your personality shine through.
Take advantage of this diversity to vary the personality of your rice bowls.
In a world of boxes, it's a house with real personality.
So you can enjoy bouquets with a little personality, that's why.
But each carboy's wine had a fascinatingly different personality, as each has been feisty and unique along the way.
The best reason is that you're an obsessive-compulsive type-A personality.
My sister probably has borderline personality disorder.
It fits with my personality and the students seem comfortable about having honest discussions.
It doesn't mean shameless self-promotion or changing your personality.
Whether you will enjoy that level of supervision or chafe under it depends, again, on the personality.
She knew how to make a compelling argument and happened to have a delightful personality-a winning combination.
If your personality is exuberant and your personality is brilliant and you shine a lot, you can get your name the first day.
It seemed so distinctive, by an artist of enough quality to have his own personality.
The theories run the gamut ranging from personality disorders to affective disorders to psychotic disorders.
Much of the mystery was of her own making, growing out of her reticent, elusive personality.
In a way, you can't have much of a personality or anything because everything has to go into your work.
It seems so against the grain of his true personality.
The personality of the poet comes forth more and more till, at last, he throws off the mask altogether.
It lies in the power of the individual to make or unmake his life, and he alone can solve the secret of his personality.
No one could enter the charmed circle of his friendship without feeling the mastery of his personality.
The composite product bears the imprint of his personality, but he borrows more than he creates.
It is to be accounted for, in part, by his personality.
Houses without personality are a series of rooms with furniture in them.
Above all, the periodical was to have the persuasiveness of personality.
Currently, there is no way to restore lost function or recapture what can be a profound shift in ability and even personality.
Finally, an article to make me feel a little better about my personality.
Reasoning and emotions were supposed to be unique to us, as was personality.
The study of personality differences between individual animals dwindled.
Only you can decide which school is the right fit for your personality and goals.
It is tantamount to a complete personality transplant for the infected cell.
The sufferer endures memory loss, personality changes and spontaneous, jerky bodily movements.
But more than two years on, much has changed, notably the personality cult surrounding the former president.
Even at home little was known of his personality or career details until this campaign.
She was a well-known personality, as well as being a close friend of many people prominent in politics and the arts.
His abrasive personality caused many mincing middle managers to call him a bully.
Those close to him speak of the two sides to his personality.
Over time, these cycles affect personality development.
New studies suggest that some aspects of human personality are inborn and resistant to change.
And it worked-he reached his audience, and people got the full experience of his mind and personality-but you had to be there.
Recovery also is likely to be influenced by personality, life experiences and coping styles.
Each of these compound semiconductors has its own personality-its own speed and light-emitting properties.
The difference between one personality and another is not determined by genes alone.
That's why your next model railroad may have a magnetic personality.
There is also the question of how it is that a personality profile can translate into increased risk of heart disease.
His personality shines through while banging out key science that is going on in the world.
She was learning sign language to help her communicate and developing an engaging personality.
Unfortunately, some personality changes still remained.
Neurologists had long suspected that the right hemisphere was the seat of emotion, personality, and nonliteral language.
Maybe the tin foil hat drains that part of your personality away.
Depending on one's personality and position, there is also the matter of whether others around us are richer.
It seems that every generation needs its public, tweedy, literary personality to sell its consumer electronics.
Although a brilliant scholar, he had an unfortunate personality.
Surely, no album resembles the others, but they all reflect this strong personality playing all instruments.
They sing as well as they look and have the brains, personality and determination to make it in the music industry.
The dog's personality is more important than its breed.
These photos often miss the joy and the personality of the couple and their guests.
It's amazing how each toy has an individual personality that is reflected by their acts.
The result is a one-of-a-kind keepsake with more personality that would be possible from a piece of manufactured ceramic.
Gal has an incredible voice and infectious personality.
The characters are interesting and each has a weird personality.
Lifeless characters that have no personality whatsoever.
Each piece was fitted and tailored to match the personality of the athlete who inspired it.
Margot certainly thinks so and, gifted with a borderline personality disorder, says as much.
The ability to repeat funny lines written for you by other people does not automatically mean you have a personality.
It's about amplifying a portion of one's personality.
He probably suffers from multiple-personality disorder, and he takes his dreams for prophecies.
It was a climate that owed much, if not quite everything, to the personality of its creator.
We bring to history the preconceptions of our personality and the preoccupations of our age.
They seem, however, to stop dead at a certain level of his personality as if there was a core that could not be penetrated.
The failure of the author to provide an authentic voice and personality for his creature presages larger intellectual failings.
For sometimes the culture surmises an individual personality, collectively.
Matching your personality to a cruise line is the best recipe for an outstanding vacation.
The patterns, colors and designs create a backdrop for your furnishings while adding texture and personality to the room.
He has soulful eyes, a winning personality and a body that people want to hug.

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