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Example sentences for Perpetrators

If the perpetrators are found, they could be prosecuted under the state's animal-cruelty laws.
It is entirely possible that he is being set up to be a scapegoat, while the perpetrators walk away.
Now scientists have used forensic techniques to clear local geese-the perpetrators were out-of-towners.
So far you've cited situations where the perpetrators were caught.
It pretty much stands that zealots and schizos are the originators and perpetrators of religion.
In the early days, the perpetrators weren't exactly geniuses.
Presumably that was the primary goal of the perpetrators-to attract attention, to spawn fear.
Her evidence offers little basis for any insight into the mentality of the perpetrators.
And when it happens, perpetrators need to be called into account.
Perpetrators must be summarily banished from polite society.
All efforts to punish the perpetrators must be supported.
Each of the perpetrators had this strange dead look on his face.
Both of these incidents confirmed voters' impressions of the perpetrators.
Whoever the perpetrators of these horrors and whatever their motives, they clearly counted on official complicity.
Nevertheless, there are patterns among the perpetrators.
Soon it will no doubt be possible to say with confidence who the perpetrators were.
Her testimony helped put several of the perpetrators behind bars.
It is all the harder to hold the perpetrators to account when they are still in positions of power.
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