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New readers are, per capita, less profitable than the old ones.
It is a fact that the number of scooters per capita is higher.
On a per capita basis, people have been driving less for almost a decade.
Many poorer neighborhoods have fewer supermarkets and more fast-food franchises per capita.
The disclaimer here is that a high number of patents per capita is not the perfect proxy for start-up development.
The second map charts the change in productivity measured as gross state product per capita.
In contrast, he says a wealthy city can a have a high-consumption lifestyle but low per capita production emissions.
The rankings are based on energy use per capita, renewable power investments, efficiency efforts and conservation incentives.
He chose this store because it reportedly sells, per capita, more of his books then anywhere else in the country.
Growth in per capita gdp is one way of saying reducing poverty.
What this article fails to point out is the per capita spending on defense.
Clearly on a per capita basis cities contributes more to emissions.
It spends far more per capita than any other industrial nation, yet all that money fails to buy the best care.
Now do have a some debt but it is per capita one of the smallest amounts in world with every citizen getting full health coverage.
Reducing per capita consumption causes economic shrinkage and unemployment.
They spend more per capita than any other nationality.
It's oil and gas revenues give it one of the highest per capita incomes in the world.
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