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No cut in pennies and little dressing and choose wide soles and little spats really little spices.
The few that remain are staffed by weaklings who extort a few pennies worth of francs or a couple of cigarettes.
The fishermen often sell their catches for pennies apiece, so many have taken simply to posing for tourists instead.
Eighteen months ago, the going rate for a banner ad on social-networking sites was pennies per thousand page viewings.
Yet manufacturers produce them by the millions for pennies apiece.
They resemble pennies, although much thinner and traveling at a speed of light.
For many, it's a matter of saving energy, not pinching pennies.
It amazes me when research funding comes up and everyone cries about pinching pennies.
Now they are going to have to pay billions because they went after those few pennies more of profit.
The fit with the president's expansive agenda seemed awkward, and the amount was pennies on the original dollar.
Part of the reason is because adjuncts are already devoting themselves to teaching, and they are doing it for pennies.
No ruined credit, no debt collectors buying bad loans for pennies on the dollar, no punitive fines and penalties.
Rounding principles that sensibly apply to a couple of pennies don't automatically carry over to two hundred billion dollars.
Yet, in comparison, these presidents make pennies on the dollar when compared to their corporate counterparts.
Pharmaceutical manufacturers charge and get any price they want for drugs that probably cost them pennies per dose.
The actual cost of this therapy is probably in the range of pennies per dose but they charge hundreds or thousands of dollars.
The chips cost pennies instead of dollars to make, and the results are read with a small battery-powered device.
The researchers say the test, which costs pennies, could improve medical treatments in the developing world.
Syringes are cheap, costing pennies apiece, but they require trained staff.
It may take up to three seconds longer to complete a transaction that involves pennies.
The researchers used a tiny three-week-old mouse that was only as heavy as a stack of four pennies.
The ultimate test of any loon theory is to offer to buy their house for pennies right before the big day is set to happen.
The lesson, of course, was that great fortunes are built minding pennies.
Every great book in the human record was available to it, for pennies, in paperback.
In a one-from-the-heart scene, dressed in tatters, he's reduced to begging for pennies.
For those willing to put in a little effort, though, a book-ripper can be made for pennies.
The software and development teams cost pennies relative to the revenue they bring in.
There are three columns with three, four, and five pennies in them.
However, a fun trip is still possible even if you need to carefully count your pennies.
And you don't inhale toxic fume to make your pennies.
Its owners are either so green, or so keen to pinch their petrol pennies, that they were willing to buy an ugly car to prove it.
Merely counting pennies is no way to measure national prowess.
By that logic it's time to start stockpiling pennies.
Its researchers noted that consumers feel empowered by saving even trivial sums of money, such a collections of pennies in a jar.
It's all stuff that's worth pennies, not tens of thousands of dollars, per pound.
However, a limited number of copper pennies were minted that year.
One of my students mixed vinegar and five copper pennies together as a science experiment for several weeks.
Then add pennies to the boat and watch how the boat sinks deeper and deeper the more pennies you add.
Make a little hair tester by tying a long hair to a little pan into which you can carefully add pennies until the hair breaks.
When pennies are around awhile, the copper mixes with the oxygen in the air, forming copper oxide.
When a player gets five pennies, replace the pennies with a nickel.
Shipments, composed mostly of pennies and dimes, tripled from the first to the third quarters.
Sometimes pennies can be more trouble than they're worth.
Pennies will buy you so little today that the concept of dividing them into even smaller change seems ludicrous.
Pennies saved count as much as those that are earned.
They may receive less training or advancement opportunities as employers pinch pennies in response to the downturn.
Keep your money in your pocket and concentrate on saving your pennies.
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