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He believes the pendulum has swung too far in the other direction.
Even the humble pendulum may spring a surprise on you.
Even the simple motion of a pendulum is easier to examine by it s amplitude and energy in place of time.
One point touching the ground, the inverse pendulum in motion.
The pendulum of style swings back and forth between excess and minimalism.
Grandfather clock: tall pendulum clock that stands on the floor.
First, you drilled holes in the sides of the pendulum casing of your grandfather clock.
The pendulum has swung for several reasons, the lawyer argued.
He had discovered the law of free fall, and the law of the pendulum.
Indeed, a swing of the pendulum seems to be under way.
So, as always, the pendulum swings in the other direction for a short while.
With the wars well ended, it was now time for a swing of the pendulum.
In one sense, it is a simple case of the pendulum swinging back.
In this atmosphere of exhaustion, the political pendulum swings from engagement to cynicism.
Now as art supplies dwindle, the pendulum swings back the other way.
The pendulum has swung back and forth a few times since then.
If it does go too far, the pendulum of correction eventually swings back.
After nearly a century stuck on the side of the body, the pendulum has recently cut a wide arc toward the mind.
But now the pendulum is swinging back towards the box office.
The pendulum swung drastically from one side to the other, but the chasm between left and right remained.
Then again, they may signify nothing more than another swing of fashion's pendulum.
The pendulum that charts the fiscal fortunes of regional orchestras has, for the moment, swung back in the ominous direction.
Medium term, the market's pendulum will swing from this extreme to the opposite.
The pendulum has swung too far toward letting parents opt out.
Won't be long now before the pendulum comes full circle.
The perception pendulum about who is up and who is in decline has once again swung wildly.
It's the pendulum principle that swings it to the far opposite extreme.
There were useful lessons about the pendulum of life.
Some engineers believe it was a pendulum suspended from a sling with eight levers attached to the eight dragon mouths.
From this type of play, so eloquent of emotional disorder, there was no swing back of the pendulum.
Problem was, the accurate timepieces of the day were pendulum clocks, which aren't accurate on a ship pitching and rolling at sea.
Because of her previous views, each swing of her pendulum was akin to a celebrated defection to an enemy camp.
My professor said that the meter comes from the length of a pendulum that has a period of one second.
But today the pendulum is swinging back toward urban living, and there are many reasons to believe this swing will continue.
But as social interactions and technologies mature, there has been a swing in the pendulum.
However, it would appear to some that the pendulum has swung too far.
At dawn and dusk, they are especially busy-older people meet in groups to chat and take a few rounds on the pendulum.
Don't swing the pendulum entirely the other way and ignore these new communication channels.
To move directionally, the jelly follows the swing of an internal pendulum.
Next came the pendulum, which is more or less how your grandfather's grandfather clock operates.
On the plus side, maybe the pendulum is about to swing the other way.
One might argue this is an overdue swing of the pendulum.
They're all in the pit and the pendulum blade is swinging.
As in the past, the pendulum of what is deemed unacceptable will probably swing back.
Now the pendulum has swung the other way: investors are shying away from financing even the safest of companies.
In the past four decades, the pendulum of approval has swung from three-to-one opposed to three-to-one in favor.
But that doesn't mean he swung to the opposite side of the pendulum.
There were years when the pendulum swung the other way, and she showed up and taught.
Pendulum rides are usually driven by motors attached to tires in the pit of the ride.
If the pendulum is too short, it may even loop over the top.
Gravity is inversely proportional to the square of the pendulum period.
The period is the amount of time it takes for the swinging pendulum to return to its starting position.
Pendulum exhibits periodic and chaotic behaviour depending on the values of the forcing and damping parameters.
Do a pendulum experiment by changing parameters with mouse.
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