Pedantic in a sentence

Example sentences for Pedantic

At times, such pedantic details stop the plot cold.
Not to be pedantic, but there appears to be a unit conversion error here.
This has been a remarkably silly discussion of pedantic, academic folly.
While you're technically correct, you're being pedantic.
But this is not always a welcome rhetorical move, especially when it comes across as pedantic or condescending.
Not to go all pedantic or anything, but "irregardless" is not a word.
He talks quickly, with pedantic precision.
His pleasantly pedantic essays are no longer either novel or informing.
It's not pedantic, just practical, and I agree with these guidelines.
Even seemingly pedantic botanical details bear out the theme of empire.
His arguments were too pedantic and unfocused to win over everyone, and his boastful, insulting tone didn't help.
Pedantic stereotyping will not further this dialog anyway.
As for history, it struck me as pedantic, unambitious.
It was not difficult to do, given the movement's pedantic determinism and disregard for environmental influences.
Some of my immediate pleasure, it is true, was of a pedantic nature.
Prizing clarity and accessibility they avoided specialist jargon and pedantic displays of scholarship.
He can avoid the use of those pedantic terms which are really nothing but offensive and, fortunately, ephemeral scientific slang.
Its narrative juxtaposes quasi-hallucinatory dreams and visions with pedantic commentary on the poems they generated.
However, that would have been mind numbingly pedantic, and therefore inappropriate for a blog posting.
Only if you interpret the clearing the orbit requirement at a pedantic level.
The last thing anyone wants to hear while grocery shopping is some pedantic hippie preaching to them.
If you don't understand what this long string of pedantic nonsense means, don't worry.
To be even more pedantic, that is its' acceleration until it reaches terminal velocity.
Now, posters on the same side of the argument are bickering over pedantic details.
Sorry to be pedantic but swapping out an adverb for an adjective gave me shivers.
Well, let's try to be as pedantic as possible while still demolishing their points.
But then you got a slew of comments that told you you were evilly pedantic.
Not to be overly pedantic, but talking is a kind of doing.
Fair enough, that's a lot of pedantic jargon that is not explained, but this is only a comment on a blogged article.
Whom is an archaic pronoun, pedantic and fussy, but it's occasionally dusted off and deployed to priss up a sentence.
Strength in verbal skills-sophisticated manner considered pedantic in some environments.
The vice president's frequent and pedantic lectures from the chair earned him the resentment of other senators, as well.
Attempt to sound conversational, certainly not pedantic or strident.
The principle is, this is not a pedantic or academic activity.
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