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British politicians are a bit of a parochial bunch, in the main.
We were taught this in parochial elementary school.
It seems that it is the artist who is parochial.
That view is too parochial.
They are no longer officially worn by the parochial clergy.
They have always been parochial with their products.
He later attended parochial and prep schools, and entered Princeton for one term, after which he was expelled for rowdyism.
If you think teachers are underpaid, teachers in parochial schools make much, much less.
Now they find a life form that doesn't obey our parochial definition of how they should live.
Ultimately what makes many non-believers turn their heads away from your position is that it is so parochial in view.
The only way it adds to our understanding is by pointing out how parochial psychology professors can be without their realizing.
These results will not remain isolated findings with only parochial relevance.
Campuses abroad must elevate perspective above parochial, national, and ideological concerns.
It's not the parochial or political dispute that a number of commentators on here have taken it to be.
It is a mark of parochial ignorance, of course, but it also reflects a way of ordering society.
It is quite possible that the next generation may be less literate, less cultivated, and more parochial than its predecessors.
Possibly the only area in which they receive enthusiastic support is in their dedication to the parochial school system.
Anything less parochial might have to await history's judgment.
His predecessor's downfall owed much to a parochial view of how best to manage the bank.
Recession encourages parochial feelings in this area, as in many others.
Recession encourages parochial feeling in this area, as much else.
Language and cultural differences doubtless account for some of this parochial behaviour.
At state level, parochial politicians have to be brought to heel.
Philosophers, let alone philosophy, are not typically as provincial and parochial and the article makes them to be.
The program is open to any student who is in a public, private, or parochial high school or in a home schooled program.
To all those overspending on parochial, private and suburban public, your loss is our gain.
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