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The majority of courts have a similar architecture of two parallel walls along the sides of the field.
For me, it's difficult to imagine parallel behavior on the other side.
Objects in his bedroom must be arranged in neat, parallel lines, toiletries and desk items perfectly aligned.
The corollary has been a parallel growth of credit on the other side of bank balance sheets.
We would have people hold out their arms on each side parallel to the ground.
They run parallel to each other and for much of their course are never more than 100 miles (160 km) apart.
Arrangement or position in a straight line or in parallel lines.
To try to create a better parallel, think of it this way.
See when your head is almost parallel with the platform.
The most obvious parallel is that there's a president who is in trouble, who has low ratings in the polls.
Awesome tech, I would love to see that car parallel park by itself.
She will compete on balance beam and possibly the uneven parallel bars, she said Tuesday.
This is not parallel evolution; it's genetic mixing.
Another aid in breaking encryption technology, which has all but locked down e-mail messages, is parallel computing.
True, my parallel was not quite parallel.
Plantains are perennials that form rosettes of dark green leaves marked from end to end with distinctive parallel veining.
They're adding another long raised bed parallel to the driveway.
The hyenas walk parallel to the herd with their heads turned toward it.
With no parallel sides or right angles, the facility makes for odd optical illusions.
When a piece is looked at edge-on, the growth rings appear as straight parallel lines.
There is no parallel between changes in vaccine schedules and growth of autism.
Rather history is rampant with parallel offshoots of development and yes, even grandeur which fades and gives way to others.
It might be from a parallel universe, or something even stranger than that.
To the west, maize hills marched across the sandy hillocks in parallel rows.
His officials predicted that the parallel exchange rate would fall, and inflation with it.
When the parallel universes have some bizarre things happen.
The thing that distinguishes a quantum computer from the sort in use today is the number of calculations it can do in parallel.
For as other technology firms face stagnant or shrinking markets, the video-games industry seems to inhabit a parallel universe.
So the legal and parallel rates have again grown apart.
It betrays the artist's fascination with the poetics and politics of parallel worlds.
Other parallel currencies, such as discounted cheques, are now likely.
In a parallel circuit, the current is split among multiple paths, rather than a single path.
At this point, his life splits into two parallel timelines, each one following the outcomes of the two choices.
Yet for those in the know, the names create a parallel universe.
Then they glued cross-bars across the two parallel trusses.
Nearly all of the tracks at the quarry site point in a northeasterly, roughly parallel direction.
But there were also some along parallel fault lines-activity that seemed to have no relation to the stretching.
In any given locale, all depressions run parallel to one another.
Bill characterized by being nicely parallel sided, lacking an expansion at the gonydeal angle.
Increases in skin cancer cases have been recorded in parallel with ozone depletion.
The new version increases photo-matching speed a hundred fold by allowing multiple computers to work in parallel.
Running parallel to the road for much of our journey are train tracks.
Imagine if you had the ability to enter paintings and make their scenes come to life in a parallel dimension.
The bark is covered with thin flakes of epidermis, lying parallel to the stem.
In horizontal-axis turbines, the blades rotate on an axis that is parallel to the ground and fixed at the top of a support tower.
The dart features a rear cavity that fits into the throwing board's spur, keeping the dart parallel.
These are groups of solar panels that are connected in a parallel fashion to maximize current, thereby increasing wattage.
His primary focus is space science, ranging from particles to planets to parallel universes.
Neurons are slow compared to transistors, but neurons operating in parallel are not the same as computers operating in parallel.
Parallel turquoise lines mark the degree of the partial eclipse.
The upper-left of the image shows a number of funnel-shaped depressions lined up parallel to the slope inclination.
The irrational fears people express today about cloning parallel those surrounding robotics half a century ago.
In parallel to the launcher activities, the satellites are being prepared at the spaceport.
The superconducting current that can flow through the two junctions in parallel depends on whether they are in phase.
Soaring around the world in a balloon is a romantic notion without parallel.
Almost all of the mountains exhibit ridges parallel to their margins.
Press sharp edges of apples into the dough in parallel rows lengthwise of pan.
The present situation of the world is indeed without a parallel, and that of our own country full of difficulties.
The cancelli immediately beneath the anterior surface are arranged parallel with it.
The science of agriculture and agricultural chemistry, for instance, made quite parallel advances during the nineteenth century.
Exaggerations of possessiveness in the individual are parallel and of a piece with the clutching greed of nations and emperors.
It runs upward and backward, parallel to the central sulcus, and is sometimes divided into an upper and a lower ramus.
The gland tubes are straight and parallel to each other.
We adjuncts, however, live and work in a parallel universe.
But for us faculty members, our blindness to the significance of big-time sports amounts to operating in a parallel universe.
Both ideals will continue in parallel, the tough and boring alongside the fun easy.
Current plans are to develop a parallel program for residents and fellows.
My only hesitation is that such explanations don't win over those who see the original examples as exactly parallel.
The clearest parallel to higher education is the steeply tiered system of tech support.
Office buildings are parallel, in many ways, to employer-paid health benefits.
Expat, these are not parallel situations and you know it.
There is no parallel instance of an oppressed race thus sustained by the religious sentiment alone.
The events depicted on celluloid closely parallel those of history.
But there are emerging orthodoxies in both disciplines that are strikingly parallel.
The segregation cell was in the building parallel to my cell.
Smoldering charcoal burners had been placed in each corner, and the bodies were lying parallel in the center of the room.
In this test, a beam of light is projected through two parallel slits cut in an opaque barrier and then onto a white screen.
Parallel beams can therefore be induced to converge or diverge.
There are also other wounds--deep tears in the blubber and evenly spaced, parallel scratches on the skin.
Each cell probably detects polarized light vibrating in a direction parallel to the long axis of the cell.
In order to identify results specific to microgravity, the team has also conducted parallel ground-based studies.
Boring parallel to the horizontal shale layers exposes much more of the gas deposits.
But instead of being a disorganized jumble of molecules, the individual rod-shaped particles line up parallel to each other.
Put butter in center of dough so that long sides of butter are parallel to short sides of dough.
Parallel parking, a skill that doesn't pop back quite as fast as riding a bike, makes me nervous.
Everybody's drawn into the vortex of weirdness-because you're not allowed to make this odd parallel reality the story itself.
For answers, we've compared the two couples in hopes of gleaning information about their strangely parallel trajectories.
Her car would drop her unobtrusively in the adjacent, parallel road.
Yet the top of the trading heap, as if from some parallel universe, had reaped astronomically.
In exchange, they are set loose in a surreal parallel universe.
Often profit-and-loss accounting does not run parallel with cash flow.
We smile to each other from our parallel mats, the pipe and tray of implements between us.
His reputation has risen through the two parallel operations that genre writers get when they get big.
They aren't religious, per se, but they run parallel to religion.
According to some theories, our cosmos may exist in parallel with other universes in other sets of dimensions.
Software has to be written to take advantage of the parallel processing power.
Typically, the light in the substrate is internally reflected and runs parallel and not perpendicular.
Bubbles enter the parallel channels of a ladder-shaped synchronizer at different times.
Thin multicolored lines snake upward in parallel, then branch out in twos and threes, their tips capped by tiny leaves.
Liquefied bitumen then oozes out through a system of parallel pipes.
In a human mind, all of the connections are in parallel, and can be rapidly processed.
Others say it could be the imprint of a parallel universe beyond our own.
Inside the brain, information is processed in parallel, and computation and memory are entwined.
Shorting the experimenting time-line or performing experiment in parallel increases the ability to evaluate new options.
Solar cells are series-connected into modules that are parallel-connected to panels.
The result is a delicately etched network of parallel pores about two nanometers in diameter.
Align them parallel and overlapping, then uniformly squeeze them together.
If you've ever driven in a city, you know the agony of parallel parking in a tight space.
It is a little parallel to earlier periods where presidents had low poll ratings.
But the parallel system has occasionally faced snags.
We have a parallel thing going on in the investment world.
Their lives, though, continued along parallel paths.
The visual and the verbal do not normally run parallel.
The changes wrought by the technological and modernist revolution of our own day are absolutely without parallel.
We are aware of no parallel process in any other branch of medicine.
There is a well-known parallel problem in defining randomness.
They are, in effect, parallel hierarchical structures.
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