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It's best to start by thinking about it from the chairman's point of view.
Like the technology itself, it all depends on your point of view.
Like last year, the screen shows the action from the home-plate umpire's point of view.
What the world is like from a dog's point of view.
He was imputing to me a point of view and was trying to refute it.
Philosophers agree that there is no such thing as a neutral point of view.
Rather, he looks for independently owned shops where the owner's informed point of view is apparent.
But I don't share that point of view.
This is a big challenge from a computer science point of view.
However I tend to look at situations from everyone's point of view.
Supplements are an example of how scientists interpret research in different ways, depending on point of view.
In your new collection the protagonists are varied in terms of gender and age and point of view.
But he faces the extraordinarily difficult task of educating his country about this point of view.
It was all so girlish-or boyish, depending on your point of view.
You're bringing an informed aesthetic point of view to a visual problem.
She is supposed to be clever, sensitive, the proper point of view of the novel.
From another point of view, what's horrifying is how easily you can persuade someone that he is working for the common good.
From an intellectual point of view, metastasis is an amazing phenomenon.
From a journalistic point of view, the resulting system is tragically dull.
From the architect's point of view, the ideal project is not one with a magnanimous absent client.
From his point of view, it seems that everything can be explained.
What we're seeing now is something guided by a point of view and set of values.
Depending upon the observer's point of view, they can seem good or evil.
Bev designed his abattoir by getting down on his hands and knees to see it from an animal's point of view.
Okay, it's not a point of view that leaves a lot of room for canned tuna.
From a social point of view, it's beneficial that homeownership encourages commitment to a given town or city.
Depending on the point of view, being with her is either thrilling or unnerving.
Because, as it turns out, my point of view regarding character in art is one that has some precedent.
We also use the great resource of the restaurant to hear everybody's point of view.
His shutter-click climaxes an artful scurry for the perfect point of view.
For someone interested in gold from a historical point of view, the late sixties was a particularly rich period.
It is an uninformed point of view and disrespectful.
No little gardens, it had a futurist point of view, with big cubes.
Whether this counts as the end of humanity or the next stage in evolution depends on your point of view.
From this point of view, life-particularly consciousness-creates the universe, and the universe could not exist without us.
Let's begin by looking at domestication from the plant's point of view.
Understanding the answer requires us to adopt a plant's point of view.
So for a moment, let's consider disease from the microbes' point of view.
The temporal point of view shifts gradually throughout the narrative.
The two systems are indistinguishable from the point of view of their quantum representations.
From a mathematical point of view, the root could fall anywhere on that tree.
Then again, once you've looked at things from a bug's point of view, you might think twice before you reach for that flyswatter.
From the purist point of view, history is not a less scientific science, it's a non science.
Neither side seemed to see the other's point of view.
The sequence of images shows how the gesture looks from the point of view of the performer.
These unusual properties make them interesting from both a scientific and an engineering point of view.
From an economic and security point of view, having abundant local energy solves everything.
Try to see all comments as coming from the point of view of attempting to arrive at a genuine solution.
It was meant to illustrate a political point of view, not merely to inform.
And that's a philosophical point of view rather than a physical argument.
Eventually the consumer will come to appreciate the editorial point of view of every different brand.
But from the point of view of the drug companies, it's easy to see why moving clinical trials overseas is so appealing.
Every time someone comes to buy art with me or anything intellectual, they come away with a different point of view.
It was a point of view he would stick with in years ahead.
Dissent from this point of view is confined to letters which must focus on correcting the factual errors in the articles.
Human speech is a complex behavior which is new from an evolutionary point of view and is not shared by any other primate.
The number of members of the family who kept diaries seems from our point of view incredible.
He loved to play with point of view and the underlying motives of his narrator.
From the rulers' point of view, one more cause for protest is one more threat to their grip on power.
They no longer believed in trying to understand things from a single point of view.
From the point of view of the defendant, it is different in both its severity and its finality.
From an egalitarian point of view, market economies consistently misallocate goods, both within countries and between them.
At the moment what's killing me in my work is that dilemma of point of view.
Nor is that a pertinent difference from the doctor's point of view.
Walesa's declarations about readiness for dialogue were often severely criticized from this point of view.
But depending on your point of view, all bad things too.
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