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The system prints about thirty characters per second, which means it takes less than a minute per double-spaced page.
Selling past copies of examination papers-a few cents per student per exam.
Oxygen costs and requirements vary per climb and per climber.
Water levels are falling at an average rate of three feet per year.
From that plot, it seems that price per piece is fairly consistent.
In many of these cases, individual beaches may be losing only a few inches per year, but in some cases the problem is much worse.
Density--the number of knots per inch--is less important to the quality of a wool-on-wool carpet.
And the number of posts per day fluctuates, but doesn't seem to have been rising on average over the last couple of weeks.
It has the potential to produce far more fuel per acre than any other source.
The bottom of the sea is cold, dark and under pressures of tons per square inch.
We do not accept more than one contestant per e-mail address.
The unit gives a constant read of the amount you are spending per kilowatt-hour, as well as your estimated electric bill.
That's how much you are getting per student this semester.
At some universities, endowment per athlete exceeds over-all endowment per student.
The successful candidate will also teach multiple sections of college writing per year.
The teaching requirement is two courses per semester.
These intensely colored diamonds may sell for the highest price per carat of any gem material.
Of the patients thirty-three per cent claimed instantaneous healing, fifty per cent.
When interest was at ten per cent, land was commonly sold for ten and twelve years purchase.
Five dollars, sixty-six and two-thirds per cent advance, induced the owner to part with the mustang.
To perform well, these sun lovers usually require six to eight hours of direct sun per day.
The printing method placed one particle per dot to create the tiniest piece of artwork ever printed from single pigment particles.
Centre, however, shows that it does not take endowments of a million dollars or more per student to create educational excellence.
The six major metrics include the average educational cost per student and college spending per degree.
Travel is required for this position, approximately one day per week within the regional recruitment territory.
The threshold for a master's degree is three per year, and for a doctorate, it's two per year.
Due to the plodding geological shifts of the continents, the city is sinking at a rate of two and a half inches per decade.
But scientists believe that the rate of rise was essentially the same for several thousand years: about one millimeter per year.
Point it at the nighttime sky and it tells you how bright the sky is-in magnitudes per square arcsecond.
Sleep experts say the average adult requires seven to eight hours of sleep per night.
We ask for a minimum commitment of sixteen hours per week during the allotted time period.
In that census half the counties had fewer than four people per square mile and nineteen counties had fewer than one.
No entrant may send more than one submission per category.
The disclaimer here is that a high number of patents per capita is not the perfect proxy for start-up development.
Eight per cent are awarded in education, five per cent in the health professions.
Last week you scored sixty-one per cent, on average, on the quiz.
The company still gets eighty per cent of its profits from subscribers.
Car-insurance premiums jumped more than nine per cent last year.
We consume more sweeteners per capita than any other country, and close to ten million tons of sugar every year.
More than fifteen per cent of lung cancers-more than people realize-occur in non-smokers.
It takes less than two per cent of our genome to create all the proteins necessary for us to live.
She is among the fastest workers, with a stuffing rate of about a thousand per hour.
Abolish the graduated income tax and replace it with a flat tax of nine per cent.
The fastest scientific cameras on the market typically capture images at rates in the low millions of frames per second.
The technology is cheap and could lower the cost per watt of solar power.
Focusing sunlight into a tiny space can increase the amount of available energy and drive down the price per watt.
These house-sized detectors capture the sub-atomic debris radiating out from hundreds of millions of collisions per second.
It is present in varying proportions, from one to four per cent.
Give them about ten minutes per side, until the outside is a deep golden brown.
The bang for the buck-the amount of stimulus per dollar of deficit-was astonishingly low.
Per capita energy consumption across all sectors of the economy.
Nobody knows exactly how many earthquakes there are per year since many of the really small earthquakes go unrecorded.
They spend more per capita than any other nationality.
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