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It is important to maintain good oxygen levels and to prevent dehydration.
In addition, your brain requires two things to survive: oxygen and glucose.
Naturally unstable, it was reacting with oxygen in the water to form sulfuric acid.
Millions of people with respiratory diseases have relied on oxygen equipment, delivered to their homes, to help them breathe.
The cells that power it generate their electricity by reacting hydrogen and oxygen together in the presence of a catalyst.
Having more hemoglobin to carry oxygen through the blood system than people at sea level counterbalances the effects of hypoxia.
It is one of the reasons that oxygen built up in the atmosphere.
The character of the wine is constantly changing as these compounds interact with one another and with light, oxygen and humidity.
Splitting water requires two half-reactions, one to create oxygen gas and the next to create hydrogen.
Hyperbaric oxygen therapy was long called a treatment in search of diseases.
Rehydrate the malfunctioning brain and get some oxygen through the bloodstream.
Ozone is a highly reactive molecule that contains three oxygen atoms.
Most of the energy emerges from the last few reactions, which require oxygen.
Breathe fairly deeply, to make sure the brain gets plenty of oxygen.
Be careful to not splash too much in order to avoid introducing oxygen and microbes from the air into the cider.
Supplemental oxygen with controlled oxygen therapy and noninvasive positive pressure ventilation.
And worse yet, they scatter when the idea of bringing oxygen to them is broached.
The trick they used to do this was to look at the isotopic composition of the oxygen in the wood of local trees.
Tibetans compensate for low oxygen content much differently.
It's as if the oxygen has been sucked out of the building, or my lungs no longer have the capacity to take the oxygen in.
There was one interior storage room where four of us ended up-staring at walls without windows, gasping for oxygen.
Hemoglobin is a wonderful, elegant transporter of oxygen.
Cerebral hypoxia occurs when there is not enough oxygen getting to the brain.
It goes along with the aerobic principle of getting oxygen through the system.
What is killing the bacteria is clear: it is the singlet oxygen.
Other jet propulsion devices depend on the air inducted into the engine to supply the necessary oxygen.
For years, scientists have been searching for a community of microbes that exist quite nicely without sunlight or oxygen.
Vascularization means that the main tumor has access to oxygen and can grow faster.
Second, they contained fewer than a total of ten nitrogen and oxygen atoms.
The plants use the sun's energy to break down water into its components: oxygen and hydrogen.
Any animal that spends appreciable time in the ocean should be able to extract oxygen from water via gills.
If you have low oxygen levels, home oxygen will be used.
If they run, rather than walk, they can achieve more in the limited time before their oxygen runs out.
In order for the organic materials to break down, compost needs moisture and oxygen.
Apnea decreases the amount of oxygen in the blood, and eventually this lack of oxygen triggers the lungs to suck in air.
Oxygen is so reactive that its appearance in an atmosphere suggests it is recently made.
One main goal in the renewable energy field is to find an efficient, inexpensive way to split water into hydrogen and oxygen.
At night ozone, a molecule composed of three oxygen atoms, reacts with oxides of nitrogen.
When this nitrogen reaches the sea it causes a brief frenzy of algal growth which depletes the water of oxygen.
One of them, the pulmonary artery, takes blood to the lungs to receive oxygen.
These react hydrogen and oxygen together in a controlled process, extracting energy in the form of electricity.
Too little oxygen can cause odors and create plant-toxic compounds.
Oxygen concentration in the atmosphere is less now than during the last ice age, probably due to plankton change in the oceans.
Landfills tend to be packed tightly, causing airtight conditions without a lot of oxygen.
Plants have a skill that scientists envy: the ability to split water into hydrogen and oxygen through photosynthesis.
Air slipping along the fuselage moves slower, so the engines ingest less oxygen and burn less fuel.
The blood rushes to active areas to supply firing neurons with the oxygen and glucose they need for energy.
The fuel cell takes hydrogen and oxygen and combines them into water vapour, producing electricity in the process.
Oxygen isotopes from drinking water, for example, become fixed in people's teeth as they age.
Oxygen is not given to stimulate the breathing reflex.
But it should be much cheaper to run: by scooping oxygen out of the atmosphere, it would not need to carry so much fuel.
The oxygen sensor in your car is based on the same yttria-stabilized zirconium oxide ceramic.
Oxygen costs and requirements vary per climb and per climber.
Oxygen consumed in combustion is replenished by photosynthesis.
They climbed without the aid of supplemental oxygen or porters.
They totally changed this planet to one that is safe for oxygen breathers.
Dying algae feed microorganisms, which deplete more oxygen.
Oxygen-rich blood enters the capillaries and releases oxygen.
The lithium combines with oxygen to form lithium oxide and release energy.
This, in turn, reduces oxygen supplies sub-surface plants and animals need to survive.
The key is a variant of oxygen that has one more neutron than normal oxygen.
Some of us had to cause a few stars to supernova so there would be oxygen to create the water.
Most strokes occur when clots travel to the brain and block blood flow, depriving the brain of oxygen.
Yes, there were enough seats, but only if they didn't want oxygen as well.
First, the tyres are gasified, a process which is similar to burning but involves less oxygen.
They also know that oxygen plus heat and fuel equals fire.
One-celled ocean plants known as phytoplankton produce half the world's oxygen.
The first hint is that the process requires a diamond surface covered with oxygen atoms.
It's a cheaper antioxidant that protects the dye from sun and oxygen damage.
Because of this over-inflation, emphysema patients need to inhale much more oxygen than people with healthy lungs.
Dead zones are areas of the ocean that no longer have enough oxygen to support sea life.
Hemoglobin is the protein in red blood cells that delivers oxygen to your tissues.
The initial thrust is provided by the nine-engine cluster, fuelled by kerosene and liquid oxygen.
The limited blood flow of hibernation reduces the amount of oxygen that gets to vital organs.
Pressing a key moves a solenoid disc, adding oxygen to the propane gas.
Your heart muscle is working all the time, so it needs a constant supply of oxygen.
Hemoglobin is a protein in red blood cells that carries oxygen.
But digestion uses oxygen, a precious commodity for an animal holding its breath.
One is that climate change has altered the oxygen levels in parts of the ocean.
At the last moment, the anesthesiologist managed to slip a tube through the vocal cords and reestablish oxygen flow to the heart.
Shrunken lungs give a free diver a sense of having plenty of oxygen, because it's concentrated.
Oxidation is the chemical process where oxygen is absorbed, and the leaves' oxidation level determines the type of tea it becomes.
Were it much warmer the oxygen content would be insufficient to support.
They aren't carrying oxygen tanks or wearing padded safety helmets.
They are where glucose and oxygen react together to release energy.
They then heated the result in a pressurised, oxygen-free environment to distil out what they could in the form of a treacly oil.
It also wanted to make sure there were no problems with oxygen levels.
The bugs which eat oil use oxygen to do so, so slightly lower levels would be a good indicator that they are at work.
He can, when he wants, theorise without oxygen at any height.
Fuel cells combine stored hydrogen with oxygen from the air to generate electricity, water vapour and no harmful emissions.
Mitochondria are the places where sugar is broken down and reacted with oxygen to release the energy needed to power a cell.
Astronauts must bring what they need, including oxygen, because they cannot rely on their environment to provide it.
Of course he was invoking it to deny it, but that still gives oxygen to the label.
It will then leave the heart with enough oxygen to supply the body's tissues.
Hemoglobin is the molecule in red blood cells that distributes oxygen to the body.
Currently, oxygen can be easily and accurately monitored, so this problem is rare.
Researchers have been focusing on particles called oxygen-free radicals as a major factor in the development of cataracts.
The coronary arteries bring blood and oxygen to the heart.
If the blood flow is blocked, the heart is starved of oxygen and heart cells die.
Hemoglobin is the oxygen-carrying protein inside red blood cells.
Brain cells require a constant supply of oxygen to stay healthy and function properly.
There are several types of oxygen-carrying proteins in the blood.
Some patients with a collapsed lung need extra oxygen, which helps the air around the lung be reabsorbed more quickly.
The sensor is a device that measures oxygen in the car's exhaust and helps regulate how much fuel the engine needs to operate.
Propane takes the place of oxygen in the lungs, makes breathing difficulty or impossible.
At the same time he sought a drug to relieve the pain of angina, which results from oxygen deprivation in the heart.
When it mixes with the ambient oxygen in a room, it begins to ignite.
These five engines mix liquid hydrogen and liquid oxygen together for combustion.
He used an oxygen tank regularly during the last few years of his life.
The vast source of water could one day be used to generate oxygen or sustain a moon base.
They heated it, added oxygen and calcium, then applied more heat and a phosphate solution.
The ethyl groups replace oxygen in the silicate ion chains, creating a solid but crumbly silicone polymer.
The hydrogen mixed with oxygen and ignited, triggering a chemical explosion.
Fed with oxygen and amino acids, they multiply and begin to emit light.
You'll be shocked to learn that it takes oxygen, a fuel source and ignition.
At dawn, the veteran adventurer wakes after a night in a private low-oxygen chamber.
Others do not require oxygen in-flight, but might need it when they reach their destination.
The stack mixes hydrogen and oxygen in a process that produces electricity and emits water.
Red cells carry oxygen, for instance, and plasma helps control bleeding through clotting.
The oxygen ions react with the fuel to produce electricity.
Slow-twitch fiber uses body fat in conjunction with oxygen to burn fat.
Oxygen is vital for life-without it, severe brain damage may ensue in as little as three minutes.
But they were surprised to discover that oxygen is also exiting.
The bigger the trees get, the more oxygen they produce, thus giving cleaner richer oxygen to the animals.
Luckily there is plenty of oxygen in the atmosphere.
The participants also wore face masks that enabled the researchers to measure their oxygen consumption.
The nutrients feed algal blooms, which suck up the oxygen in the water.
When an oxygen molecule is embedded into six atom-long gold wire, the wire can conduct electricity.
The health of our oceans is crucial to the maintenance of oxygen levels in the atmosphere.
Eventually the growth peaks and crashes as oxygen is consumed faster than it can be replenished-a condition called eutrophication.
For stubborn stains, try washing in a product with enzymes or oxygen bleach.
The coating keeps oxygen from getting deeper into the apple.
The dead zone is the result of oxygen-depleted water.
Fish, shrimp, and all other marine organisms that require oxygen to survive either flee the zone or die.
The entire device is wrapped in a dialysis bag that lets in glucose and oxygen from body fluids.
It has been suggested that a thin layer of air covered these surfaces and oxygen could be absorbed by diffusion through them.
They found a larger-than-expected presence of methane-eating bacteria, as well as low oxygen levels.
Lower oxygen suggests microbial activity because the organisms breathe the gas while they devour methane.
When a coral is broken or wounded, it releases highly reactive atoms of oxygen known as free radicals to close up the gashes.
Sponges evolved in shallow ocean basins, because the deeper seas did not yet contain oxygen, a necessity for almost all life.
While the creatures' specific biochemistries remain unclear, one microbe uses oxygen to break down methane.
Most fuel cells in use today, however, use hydrogen and oxygen as the chemicals.
The clot blocks the flow of blood to the heart muscle, which can the from lack of oxygen and nutrients.
Such signals could hold clues to whether the planets have oxygen atmospheres, liquid water-or even signs of life.
Water can be used as both a means of life support and-after being split into liquid oxygen and liquid hydrogen-a fuel.
Before the lake became a stinky soup, devoid of oxygen and covered with a floating mat of tree trunks ripped from the landscape.
In the dark depths that exist in blue holes today, oxygen is scarce and sunlight is available only near the surface.
Solid-oxide fuel cells generate an electrical current by pulling oxygen from the air and using it to oxidize fuel.
Engineered cardiac tissue needs a steady supply of oxygen and nutrients to survive after being grafted onto the heart.
These flexible discs carry oxygen throughout the body, squeezing through the smallest capillaries to do so.
Hydrogen and oxygen in these cells react to form hydroxyl ions and electrons.
The reaction at the cathode, in which oxygen molecules combine with electrons, limits the efficiency of a fuel cell.
The bacteria sit on an electrode--the anode--as they metabolize organic matter in an oxygen-devoid chamber.
Not to mention a billion combustion engines heating up the air, polluting it and using up oxygen.
The unstable materials release oxygen, oxidizing other materials in the battery, which in turn produces more heat.
After all, high cholesterol in the bloodstream isn't a problem unless it is forming clogs and denying oxygen to vital organs.
At these times, to keep the ratio of fuel to oxygen optimized, a partial vacuum is created in the chamber.
As the oceans warm the ability of water to retain oxygen will decrease until only anaerobic bacteria can survive.
In this case, water is broken down into oxygen and hydrogen, which can be stored and recombined to power a hydrogen fuel cell.
Whenever they drank, they incorporated oxygen atoms from the water into the enamel of their growing teeth.
The water coming out is red due to iron, and is incredibly salty with almost no oxygen in it.
What's more, the squid's blood cells can carry less oxygen in acidic water.
In healthy lungs good, oxygen-rich air is drawn down into tiny air sacs called alveoli.
Add one oxygen atom to dmso and you get dimethyl sulfone--you change one solvent to another.
The moon has an oxygen atmosphere and scientists suspect that sulfur is present, as well.
Since they initially drop through a low-oxygen environment, the dogs need to be given oxygen through special masks.
They get that energy from oxygen and food, mostly glucose.
Conventional rockets in space must carry their own oxygen supply, usually in liquid form, to burn their fuel.
As excess plant matter sinks to the seafloor, microbes rot it and suck oxygen out of the water in the process.
When your heart beats too slowly, it can't sustain the blood pressure needed to feed oxygen to the brain, and down you go.
Endurance athletes rely on slow-twitch muscles, fibrous bundles that guzzle oxygen and fatigue slowly.
More than half of all of the oxygen in our atmosphere is generated by organisms in the sea.
With the infected red blood cells clogging up your small blood vessels, oxygen flow to your tissues decreases.
Those colorless combinations of oxygen and sulfur--collectively known as sulfates--have a chemical affinity for water.
Either birds have enzymes that combat oxidation better than mammalian enzymes do, or they produce fewer oxygen radicals.
Gasoline and oxygen are a combustible mixture, but you still need a spark to set the fire.
But oxygen needn't exist only in gaseous form above the ground.
Your flight may seem apocalyptic and surreal after the oxygen masks drop but the scariest moments may actually be good signs.
When algae dies and decomposes, the process sucks much of the oxygen out of the water.
Mitochondria serve as power generators for each cell in the body, converting food and oxygen into energy.
Oxygen is essential for all plants and animals to survive, whether they live on the land or in the water.
Aquatic organisms rely on oxygen that is dissolved in the water.
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