Omniscient in a sentence

Example sentences for Omniscient

Navy destroyers will steam offshore readying virtual cruise missiles and the omniscient eye of trainers will watch it all.
Well-curated shots of the household provide an omniscient view of the action.
No one is omniscient, there's a limit, so have some humility when presenting your case and maybe you'll find more receptive ears.
First, governments are not omniscient and they can get their programmes wrong.
At the same stroke weed out all the self-proclaimed omniscient authority on these theories.
It was omniscient, because it allowed no references to unattributed sources.
Your gun does not make you a superhero, a cop, or omniscient.
They were completely omniscient and you took their word for everything.
The illusion of omniscient intelligence ended years before that.
Ask students to discuss what effect having this omniscient knowledge has on the story.
Omniscient narrators have a broad scope of multiple characters, with insights into any or all aspects of the story.
Although project designers should be diligent and exercise due care in developing the plans, they are not omniscient.
Explain first, third and omniscient points of view, and explain how voice affects the text.
We failed to recognize that neither our people nor our leaders are omniscient.
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