Ombudsman in a sentence

Example sentences for Ombudsman

The ombudsman criticised the city for its poor supervision.
Rather than hide the situation, go see the ombudsman and ask for advice.
It lacks clear standards for judging conflicts of interest and an independent ombudsman.
There is no ombudsman here, so the government controls the media directly.
Commissioner, has reorganized the agency's generic drug division and appointed an ombudsman.
When a modification was denied, it would be automatically reviewed by an ombudsman or independent review panel.
Undercover police have been sent to deter abuses by their colleagues, and an ombudsman will investigate complaints.
The ombudsman, who levelled the accusations against him, was herself threatened with arrest for alleged fraud.
If you experience this, you can contact the local long term care ombudsman's office and ask them about any history of complaints.
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