Obtuse in a sentence

Example sentences for Obtuse

When females have been candid with me, they often cite my rather obtuse ways of carrying on a conversation.
The parents who gave their kids the gun that his brother used to commit suicide weren't evil so much as mind-numbingly obtuse.
It might even be the actual dominant life form on this planet, and we're simply too obtuse to be aware of it.
Their words were obtuse and the presentations circuitous.
It doesn't matter whether the angle joining them is obtuse or acute.
The moral sensibility of the writer seems at once to be morbidly obtuse and morbidly acute.
There have been blowups, say those who have witnessed them, and obtuse demands.
At that point where the course suddenly alters to the northward an obtuse angle is formed.
Maybe he is embittered by his own experience with obtuse or dishonest venture capitalists.
So they often seemed strident, ideological and morally obtuse.
Obtuse triangle: a triangle that has an obtuse angle.
Focus on the vocabulary: acute angles, obtuse angles and right angles.
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