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Example sentences for OVAL

The long oval table common to a boardroom lets small groups of people see and hear one another while sitting comfortably.
Scientists had debated whether stars in our inner galaxy clustered in a long bar, an oval, or a combination of the two shapes.
Ending its course by striking the hipbone obliquely, the bullet was bent out of shape, its base oval rather than round.
As lunchtime came and went, pastries disappeared from the middle of a long oval conference table.
Dropping a diamond into an oval is baseball's variation of the square peg-round hole conundrum.
On the first floor, an oval-shaped structure with translucent walls houses the ticket office and a concession stand.
The left-hand part of the figure appears as three shiny oval tubes.
Maps of the universe have been presented in oval form whereas it is actually circular with the observer dead center.
They're in a setting of an oriental harem, in a large oval room with divans and a lot of cushions around the walls.
The bear paw, an oval design, was short and wide and favored in forested areas.
His agent would announce that he would take on all comers at the local horse track, a dirt oval found in almost every village.
The head is oval or elliptical, but flattened, so that when viewed in profile it is pear-shaped.
Each cell contains a clear oval nucleus, situated near its center.
The cells are granular in appearance, and each possesses a clear oval nucleus.
Visitors with tents can camp in the oval of the town's racetrack.
Scarabs are generally oval-shaped and stout, ranging in size from miniscule to mythic.
When left alone, a chiton will lift part of its oval-shaped body to breathe.
Glaciers also form elongated oval hills known as drumlins.
The living room is dominated by a large oval-paned window.
Even with this covering, his eyes squinted behind his oval spectacles.
Family dinner was eaten upstairs in the dining room around a big oval table, accompanied by plenty of conversation.
Inside, the whole oval pies are brought to the order counter directly from the ovens.
Seen through an oval frieze, one of the walls of a parlor.
It was below me, drifting towards me from the furthest level where there was no life, a dark oval trailing limbs.
It was dark gray, oval, and covered in a layer of mucus.
By extension, the lithium atom with its three electrons was represented by three oval orbits around a central dot.
That's why it appears so bright in that oval, and fades away to the sides.
The only thing centripetal here is the fact that the track is an oval the car always wants to go out and away from the center.
They also opted for an oval-shaped capacitive touch home button, rather than a mechanical button.
As he does, a wavy-patterned lilac oval appears on the control-room computer screen.
But this simply added to the challenge of getting around our oval track.
The toy within the egg is contained in an oval-shaped plastic capsule.
She's holding a hairbrush to the side of her head, her oval face screwed up in concentration.
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