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Some silk made by orb weaver spiders rivals the tensile strength of steel.
The great voyages of discovery shrank our planet from a fearsome void to a familiar orb.
The orb sits on your office desk and glows a quiet yellow.
Although the orb is lovely, it is the people and their shapes that make this an interesting picture.
Suddenly he was floating inside a red orb, and the camera pulled back to reveal that orb clenched between my fingers.
Weavers of orb webs use it as a way to detect the presence of insect prey in the web.
The company's orb of a display stand featured a circular track.
The golden orb appears a little higher in the sky than it really is.
The little orb veered to the right, slammed into the trunk of a red maple, and ricocheted into a clump of woods.
About midnight the fading sun is a red orb banging at the horizon.
About midnight the fading sun is a red orb hanging at the horizon.
In that expansive seascape, the sun's dwindling orb drew our gaze and held it.
We get really huge orb spider webs around our house.
But a dozen perils lie between the modest rosettes of spring and a round orb of heavenly blossoms in autumn.
Each microscopic orb can only attach to molecules from one particular type of organism.
The orb of the eye is comparatively well protected both internally and externally against freezing.
Besides orb-weaving spiders, three kinds of creatures make fairly noticeable webs on fruit trees.
He's a candy factory of melodies, and his heart is a suspended orb of caramelized goo.
Orb-weaving spiders generally produce about seven different types of silk, which they use for different purposes.
Perhaps these compounds are part of an ancient defence system that orb-weaving spiders use to secure their homes from intruders.
There is a giant, burning orb of thermonuclear fusion in the sky that represents the entire power source of our planet.
The orb faded in and out over twenty minutes without ever moving as it stayed fixed within the scope.
She reaches for the largest crystal-a beige orb-and holds it up to the lamp's light.
Controlled from afar by an evil wizard using a magical orb, this dragon can only be defeated by defeating its nefarious master.
We have had an orb spider outside our window for a few months now.
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