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Many northern opposition parties withdrew before the poll.
In the end, it was the poor and those in the less-developed northern regions who swung it her way.
Now all but a few northern cities elect their leaders directly.
There were many such establishments in the northern counties.
Northern right whales, hunted to near extinction, are the rarest of all large whales.
There are two species of elephant seals, the northern and southern.
There are eight species of southern fur seals, all smaller than their northern relative.
The fossil remains also suggest that these prehistoric humans looked different from their northern counterparts.
Though their northern climate is far harsher than those of other tigers, these animals have some advantages.
For example, as they moved into northern climates, natural selection appears to have favored lighter skin colors-probably.
Males forage more widely and more to the south than females, who prefer northern waters.
Over the course of a year on a tilted planet, varying amounts of warming sunlight strike the northern and southern hemispheres.
In the northern climes clouds prevent effective collection of solar energy.
For example, northern hares and weasels develop white fur in the winter, but southern ones retain brown fur year-round.
Found throughout the northern two-thirds of the state.

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