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While many industry norms are questionable at best, agents provide necessary and important services.
However, the emphasis is on the social and locals follow a set of drinking norms.
Constructing understanding of social norms and peer interaction is a vital process developed throughout adolescence.
But adhering to strict cultural norms can have serious consequences.
Similarly, for those who are not familiar with parliamentary procedure, its norms can be frustrating.
They will happily share information with others as long as certain social norms are met.
We'll examine three countries where cultural norms and public policy help make healthy living a way of life.
Religious norms and traditions are a perfect example of this type of behavior.
Commerce will swallow museums if educators try to copy the norms of business for immediate financial reward.
But it brings us all together as a community by reinforcing norms and policing the boundaries of propriety.
As people in academia can confirm, said norms exist regardless of a departments reputation.
For those who preferred to listen, it supplied the necessary innovation to the traditional norms.
So across the breadth of mammals, there are many norms for hair length, or fur length.
To question preconceptions and the accepted norms of society.
Tiger had rushed it into development only three months earlier, astonishingly late by industry norms.
Rulers who acted in accordance with moral norms whenever possible tended to win the race for leadership over the long term.
However, different norms do exist within different disciplines with respect to whose names appear as authors and in what order.
There had been a sense that the country was slowly adapting to the norms of a regular, civilised society.
The study also shows that the norms that define tequila production do little to preserve traditional tequila production methods.
It requires the sometimes disordered space to make a mistake and experiment to move beyond accepted norms and preconceptions.
The state must establish new norms to subsidize farming in order to make it appealing to many.
Use the syllabi as a means of making certain you're in line with department norms.
Ecotourism increases the interaction between people of different cultures and social norms.
In society, this qualitative reality is defined by social norms.
Norms regarding hazing and bullying among students can be changed.
Some neural skills may have required development of neural paths relatively distant from evolved norms.
It is when they start challenging norms and agitating for legal rights that the trouble typically starts.
It is a brief, ritual transgression of social norms before things go back to normal.
Since ethical norms vary from country to country, it is inconceivable that no one will try this.
Cohabitation doesn't enjoy the host of social and legal norms that lend marriage direction, stability and status.
Now, some groups may have done better than others because of better in-group cooperative norms.
For many of them it merely marks a return to historical norms.
No, our personal morality decides based on cultural norms that have a social function, eg to prevent the spread of disease.
If it is allowed, an editor needs to be someone who is really good at it and knows your field's norms.
The cultural and behavioral norms of virtual worlds and gaming are generally unstudied.
The world of banking, it's becoming clear, operates according to different norms from those of the rest of the business world.
It takes people with disparate backgrounds and beliefs and brings them into line with mainstream norms of reason and taste.
The shock of returning to the world of social norms can be profound.
Common and deep-seated beliefs, widespread norms, and behavior and performance standards are enemies of new ideas.
They have allegedly indulged in approximate security norms on the drilling infrastructure.
Judiciary is questioning the norms of this cooperative group.
However, the views they ascribe to us are not our views and the norms they suggest seem to us wrong and dangerous.
Unfortunately, though, he is better at setting norms for others than at gauging their fulfillment.
The social norms around appropriate technology use are different in those different contexts.
Norms and guidelines have to be followed, of course, but these norms and guidelines are context-specific.
As you try to decide, take into account the current norms in your own field.
The culture excuse is a justification by the state based on cultural norms or traditions.
Faculty academic freedom has always been more firmly rooted in professional norms than in legal decisions.
Rather, our environment pushes and pulls our genes into different reaction norms that help us predict behavior and physiology.
Suggesting that norms differ in school, home and church, limits none of these.
However, inferential norms are changing in the discipline for three reasons.
Perhaps it has more to do with your own anachronistic interpretations, norms and vision of your religion and sub-culture.
Funny how evolving cultural norms can sneak up on you.
But the experiencers were in the same boat, so social norms are unlikely to account for their different behaviour.
We don't need to choose between cultural norms in advocating those values and parenting practices.
There is no real simple utility calculation, norms always creep into it.
The point is the reaction norms and interactions are not understood and are definitely not linear.
Why do people want to dictate their norms and traditions on other countries.
Thankfully, dorky academics have been investigating the nuances and norms of gift giving for decades.
Food that pushes boundaries of cooking should challenge norms of dining, too.
It's well within social norms to work out at the gym alone.
So certainly, there are cultural norms and there are family expectations and there are even religious admonitions.
Social norms would demand that they accept serious challenges.
What counts more is the establishment of affirmative norms of judicial behavior.
Norms against invocations of violence are highly desirable.
People really underweight the role that norms play in sustaining a modern economy.
Now some of these gender norms are changing, but they largely still hold.
Such diversity and inequality make it harder to share norms and to enforce them.
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