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Right now fall is favoring cool-factor shocks of bright, neon colors.
In some villages there are still coin-operated threshing machines next to neon coffee-vending machines.
The speed creates friction that heats up atmospheric gases and causes them to glow in much the same manner as neon signs.
The eye-catching motels, with their beckoning neon signs, are a stylistic extension of the boardwalk.
Glowworms are tiny insects that attract prey into sticky, single-strand webs through bioluminescence, a cool blue neon glow.
Gas stations are illegal within city limits as are neon signs and billboards.
Square brought squeals of delight when the kids spotted themselves on an enormous digital billboard amid the bright neon signs.
Loud music seeps from blue-glowing bars, neon light spills onto icy sidewalks, the lanes are crusted with road salt.
Don't get boring, but stop short of adding those neon green colors to your resume.
He wore baggy painter's pants, high-top sneakers with the neon laces undone and an oversize sweatshirt.
It was a news item that might have gone unnoticed if a name had not emerged from the printed page as if in large neon lights.
Using a mouse you can draw neon lines, stamp light cycles, type a message and then print out your masterpiece.
And, on rare occasions, it is has familiarized me with some neon-light blinking morons.
The holidays are upon us, and so are the sickeningly sweet cakes decorated with neon-colored fruits.
They are glaring, neon reminders of the decade's penchant for style over substance.
Tina wouldn't buy them, instead steering him to neutral toys: puzzles or building blocks or cool neon markers.
It rapidly became the trendiest part of town, with a range of gloomy, neon-lit bars and resident pop stars.
As with nearly any urban centre, the city is swathed in neon fog.
Chemists have long believed that elements heavier than neon could share only one pair of electrons.
Through the clear blue-green shallows he could see neon flashes of color as tropical fish glided along the reef.
So long as it does that, the prosthetic can be neon green and see-through for all anyone cares.
The glow itself is similar to that of a neon sign: when the wayward electrons recombine with the atoms, they give off light.
The committee banned billboards, set height and color limits, and prohibited neon signs in windows.
And their neon-green bodies coupled with the red eyes may play havoc with their nocturnal predators' visual senses.
Their neon-green bodies may play a similar role in thwarting predators.
Everything, that is, but the two boxes on the back wall that keep shifting from one neon color to the next.
Writer describes the giant neon sign affixed to the roof of the plant.
The avenue is deserted, and the traffic lights and neon signs flash for no one.
It's where temptation beckons from neon-trimmed casinos and where no one is safe from the sea gulls.
But she is bedeviled by the image of neon carnival rides, noisy crowds and beer tents that promise to mar her view.
All that was left were these neon-lit bikes riding down the street in a thunderstorm.
Long afterward, a glowing ring of dust continues to rotate, a cosmic neon sign advertising the presence of planets.
Neon lights wink as sensors determine whether the player is keeping time and stepping in the right direction.
Neon is also used in a wide variety of vacuum tubes and lasers, as well as serving as an extremely low temperature refrigerant.
We do not want to set precedence for other home occupations to put up neon signs.
Gaming is waning, so the neon city is on the remake.
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