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Visitors see the diamond, and it gets them to wonder what's in the next room, and in the space beyond that.
Disruptive innovation first takes hold on the margins where the next best thing may be nothing at all.
Astronomers have identified the best candidate yet for our galaxy's next supernova explosion, according to a new report.
Animals' natural defenses are providing inspiration for researchers developing the next generation of lighter, tougher body armor.
Click next to step inside with a room-by-room tour plus view the home's floor plans.
Here they eat, and sometimes sleep, for the next seven days.
The next time you find yourself seated in a roomful of strangers, take a close look at your nearest neighbor.
How closely and carefully will obviously vary from one place to the next.
Next thing you know, useless boondoggles are being cut and rational decisions are being made.
The ancients did not understand how the sun could set in the west and end up in the east the next morning.
The next step is getting this information processed and back out to those communities impacted by unhealthy air.
The next day, still feverish, he began to see double.
With the seed of paranoia planted, a stream of accusations followed for the next few months.
Several already have gone, and hundreds more have paid for trips that could begin as soon as next year.
The popular news-sharing site announced today that it will broadcast a message of protest during next week's hearings.
The unlikely but true story of your next favorite media powerhouse.
The next step for the new austerity measures is implementation, and that may face strong opposition as well.
The next generation of workers will have to develop their own techniques for tackling the problem of cognitive overload.
Next, we'll visit a tiny farming community where local farmers cultivate indigenous ragi grain without the use of pesticides.
Next, a leisurely roast in the oven makes them fall-off-the-bone tender.
It's easy to grow, so ask your local farmers--someone may well have some, or you can plant some now for next year.
Everything, that is, but the two boxes on the back wall that keep shifting from one neon color to the next.
If you're serving sticky ribs or peel-and-eat shrimp at your next dinner party, offer your guests a bowl of limewater.
Next, fill a pot large enough to hold a quart of water.
Over the next few years, he found new research questions, got married and had kids.
The next day, police and soldiers rushed the demonstrators again, killing two and wounding more than a hundred.
For him and for the country, the next two years look awfully bleak.
Various people and various candidates talk about pulling out next year.
The next day, the bridge reopened with strict limits on the number of pedestrians, but it began to shake again.
With a sharp object-a nail file, a pen, or your teeth-make new holes in top hem next to the ones that tore through.
He needs to get out, so he slips through the window at night and into the next room, in darkness.
Next to nothing is known of his life, though many legends surround him.
Branch relates the meetings with his aides that last night and again the next day.
He has recently posted a video of the domestic dispute that took place next door to him.
Preparing for the next big threat will be difficult but not impossible.
The next generation of bulletproof vests and military armor could well be inspired by a deep-sea snail, say scientists.
The next step: making it out of non-precious metals.
There's only one place left to find the next wave of supermedicines.
Over the next few years, scientific journals would publish responses and further verifications.
In effect, it was thought, germ cells wiped the slate clean for the next generation.
But given that huge range, the odds of it blowing up next year are pretty slim.
For the next two decades, funding for orthomolecular research was rare.
Where the money and brainpower will go in the next decade.
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