Navigator in a sentence

Example sentences for Navigator

Discuss the exits with your navigator, go around again if necessary, and then confidently wing off on the exit of your choice.
Each boat's navigator sat alone, undisturbed by the crew and without other tasks to perform, absorbing the signals all around.
Uncharismatic and unable to charm a crowd, he is instead an expert navigator of the corridors of power.
She learnt to fly and became his co-pilot and navigator.
Cook had neither a trained celestial navigator nor the skill to make the observations himself.
Before you start, you pull up a map of the route on your car's navigator.
Every example of our work guides the navigator in confidence and is designed to excel far beyond a conventional map.
The great navigator had already holed the hull on the coral once.
Less encouraging was that the pilot and navigator enthusiastically joined in the toasting as bottle after bottle made the rounds.
He was certainly a better talker than he was a navigator, and it soon became clear that he was unsure of his way.
Satellite signals are slowed by bumping into particles, meaning your trusty navigator may lose its way.
The trip would be the first significant flight where the new navigation technology would replace the human navigator.
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