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Alert readers may notice that the last sentence of today's column doesn't seem to make sense in context.
Statutory notice periods vary widely around the world.
But then they notice that they can eat the jellyfish.
Now the cuts and pans of the camera flow smoothly and seamlessly into one another--in fact, you do not even notice them.
And that's when scientists, divers and fishermen began to notice.
The mixture is ready at a moment's notice to pour into sauces, soups, and pilafs.
But first, they have to have notice that the subpoena has been served.
And your students probably know someone who's gotten a takedown notice.
As you dispose of the container from your frozen dinner, you notice a number on the bottom of the package.
When the going gets tough, some people barely notice.
They were feeding together and nobody seemed to notice them.
Then notice how the soothing palette mimics the sparkle and cool, watery blue of a swimming pool or water feature.
It's not the treacherous footing visitors notice first.
When you build a tall ship, you want people to take notice.
It's a great source of insoluble fiber, and you'll hardly notice the difference in flavor.
You'll notice two things after you tap the new icon to launch the app.
Some organizations still adhere to the quaint custom of giving notice.
As you walk, you notice the softness created by the thick cushion of needles.
Notice that you have only done three legs of your trip.
Notice the small size and odd proportions of the arms.
Beetle populations can build up so fast that beekeepers don't notice until it's too late.
It gave notice of the system's intent to dismiss the president, effective five days later.
In response, another wrote that it was high time to notice something other than misery.
It's a pattern you'd never notice walking around the beach.
If a blossom is showy, chances are it's the petals you notice.
Apparently the university was too engrossed in planning to notice that the dean was sometimes away on job interviews.
But as you get closer you notice something-the town is empty.
Notice how wide the range of orbital distances for each planet has become.
Tame stuff by today's standards but novel enough, back then, to gain notice.
If you notice any significant imperfections, let it dry more.
And it's not clear many travellers will even notice the difference.
Notice the two outhouse towers constructed for the royal party's convenience.
Microscopy remains one of the few areas of science in which enthusiastic amateurs can make others take notice.
They didn't notice the darkening skies, the thunder and lightning.
If you don't notice the flies, look for tiny holes over sunken areas in the fruit.
Pressure and gut are metaphors as well, but a reader isn't likely to notice them.
Ask them to describe the things they notice about the way hammerheads swim.
One of the first things people notice about the human brain is its intricate landscape of hills and valleys.
But a diehard baseball fanatic would notice one strange thing about this collection.
The whole episode reminded me how difficult it can be to notice small, often camouflaged creepy-crawlies on your plants.
But there's another option that economists at the central bank are examining that has attracted little notice.
It's possible, perhaps, that any tomb yet to be found was so well hidden that it also escaped the notice of ancient thieves.
If you look carefully, you will notice that the relatively flat bottoms of clouds are always a little grayer than their sides.
But notice the top, right next to the lock: it's smashed in, evidence that someone was trying to access the files.
If you notice leaks in the system, either at the fittings or emitters, make sure the tubing is properly fitted.
Whether the bankers and policymakers behind the recession and the current fiscal hole will notice is unclear.
Ask students if they notice anything different about the room.
Because the piece is elevated on a pedestal in the middle of a gallery, you can't help but notice it.
Betty's bees are so laid back they didn't even seem to notice us peering in.
Presumably, its chemistry was not similar enough to their own biochemicals for them to notice.
Migraine patients often notice that their headaches begin with a throbbing sensation followed by increased skin sensitivity.
Nothing, it seems, is too petty to escape the notice of managers desperately trying to rein in their budgets.
Explain to students that scientists use their senses to notice details.
Gaze down and you'll notice that there's something missing.
Please allow a two-week notice to ensure that your subscription is suspended on time.
Notice how something with unique characteristics can be grouped into its own category.
Notice them or not, trees are busy doing the planet's work and making our lives better in the process.
You'll notice that there are a few changes from the design plan.
Ask the students if they notice anything else about the other wave drawings.
Notice the bee still at work in the bottom right hole.
Once you get settled, you'll notice that what it does have-in spades-is quiet.
You'll notice a slight spotting in the cooled product.
Yet they are often not even given notice that their teaching hours have been reduced.
Ask them to notice the specifics of what the pirates were wearing and the accessories they carried.
But as soon as you pick up a couple of blocks you notice what makes them different: magnets embedded inside.
But if they notice it's cause it's an old cheap suit.
It is not catchy, and nobody pays a blind bit of notice.
These days not too many people in rich countries take much notice.
How could they notice addictive behavior if they haven't ever set their eyes on you.
Notice the random, low wall peeking out of the crust.
Notice that the illusion works only from a specific vantage point.
The company combed its email logs to make sure no approval notice had been received.
Officers who work bank holidays without eight days notice get double pay plus a day off in lieu.
Notice that as you travel the rectangle's position is updated on the overview maps.
Visitors notice all this beauty and politeness and history.
But the thing to notice was the dragon's long forked tongue.
But notice that the two versions are almost exactly the same in every way.
To the town, they gave notice that the day had come to a close and the time to relax and enjoy home and family had begun.
But even the laziest couch potato may soon notice some changes to his television set.
The snake does not notice the escaping gecko as it eats the thrashing tail.
As you read the plan, you will notice that there are no losers.
It's really easy, its cheap and almost no one will ever notice except the parents who pay the electric bill.
He could fail to notice murky things going on behind his back.
First, direct their attention to the photos one at a time, and ask them what they notice about each one.
For their part, companies are beginning to notice the downside of all this overstretching.
The home wools remain firm, but with change of price to notice.
Ask students to point out the similarities and differences they notice between these cultures and their own.
And taxpayers do not notice individual acts of generosity towards government workers, so they are unlikely to kick up a fuss.
Energized by the threat, survivors notice an extraordinary clarity of detail in their environment.
If you ever swim or paddle upstream, you will notice two things.
He emphasized its uncertainty in the original notice and asked for more data.
The brightness of a surface feature is still the first thing planetary astronomers notice.
Notice that cutting corners goes straight to profits in this industry.
Most do not even notice their sixth sense-the sensation of how one's head is oriented and moving.
One thought is that our brains evolved to notice anyone who is different from us.
After learning your daily rhythms, the app should be able to notice any changes in behavior or telltale signs of isolation.
Policymakers are starting to take notice, judging by a number of reports on geoengineering that are nearing completion.
The reported best practices, the notice says, will be posted online in due course.
The committee's meetings rarely attract any notice at all, much less controversy.
But if you have a shorter notice period, it is your current employer's problem finding a replacement.
But its sustainable features aren't what you notice first on a visit.
It's easy for even unlicensed amateurs to notice that any language, including ours, has gaps aching to be filled.
Workers digging in a stone quarry happened to notice a stone block with marks carved onto its surface.
The potentially enormous natural source of greenhouse gases had thus far escaped notice, which experts say is not surprising.
It's likely that you don't usually even notice many of them.
They should notice that they spend part of the time inland.
If you're trained and acclimated to the heat, you really don't notice it until you become dehydrated.
Ask students to look carefully at their charts and to describe the similarities they notice between the two civilizations.
Stingless bees buzz about his ears, flies cover his food, but he doesn't notice.
If the fabric looks and feels dry, or if you notice leaking, the cap can be reproofed with a paraffin wax.
For example, they may notice that it has two blowholes and several bumps on its head.
He could fail to notice curious things going on behind his back.
But the people on the street no longer take much notice.
Some businesses, such as utilities, will barely notice.
Indeed, the life insurer does so well with such regularity that its virtues draw notice only when everyone else is in convulsions.
But the average cinema-goer probably won't notice anything different-same popcorn, same stars, same types of movies.
But if investors ever wake up and notice that the yellow metal is little more useful than tulips, the gold bugs will be burned.
With returns low, investors are more likely to notice a cheaper alternative.
As yet, only a few countries with already-old populations are starting to notice the effects.
The small, often private, companies that dominate these areas have also often been at pains to escape notice-and therefore taxes.
Every great cause has its galvanic moment, when the world finally takes notice.
The effect is a stunning first notice, a rhythmic horizontal read and then a deep plunge into the painting's inner structure.
Thanks to patrol reports and radar, he usually has several days' notice about any berg on a collision course with a platform.
And once you know what you're looking for, you don't notice pictures and ads and all that jazz on every website.
But you would notice the difference in your bank account.
Look for the transportation notice that will arrive at your room before departure.
The remaining deistical writers require only the briefest notice.
The protests of the exiled governor became weaker and weaker, and he finally retired from public notice.
It has been impossible, in the scale and range of the present notice, to dwell on individual characters.
Further, it is desirable to notice that this humour is employed with a remarkable difference.
The first place to start is to notice that all that matters is the short-term credit rating.
Many doctors notice them only in the casual, utilitarian way that one might notice a waitress or a bartender.
Wherever it comes from, this ad has a breathtaking cheesiness and badness that deserve notice.
Take your hands off the bicycle handlebars and your bike won't notice.
It's what ordinary people don't notice and, especially, how they don't notice.
Point any telescope to the star next to the moon and rings won't be the only curious thing you'll notice.
We don't notice them in everyday life because they are short-range, extending over only tiny distances smaller than an atom.
We hardly notice it, but it is compelling and engrossing when seen in this way.
For that set of people, the extra notice of a recurring cancer could be life-saving, if the device ever makes it to market.
Now that you know how to get advance notice of an aurora, here's another tip: forget it.
He didn't notice anything out of the ordinary until some minutes later.
If it is destined that mainstream physics should finally take serious notice of his time-twisting ideas, then so it will be.
Often patients notice awkwardness when running or walking and difficulty with buttoning a shirt or turning a key in a lock.
And lurking off to the side, where you'd hardly notice it, is that little red guy.
We could notice that by detecting missing energy in our dimensions.
It was one of those times when you really notice the difference between speaking and expressing yourself.
We usually don't even notice these animals, but they're there.
But then the animal should not really even have been whimpering: predators might notice and devour it.
Notice that the king has been toppled in this game of chess.
It wasn't long before people began to notice the strong resemblance and comment on it.
But since that time she'd begun to notice at twilight a curious glistening to the air.
But then you notice that the people in the audience are also fighting one another.
At some point, the public would take notice, and the actor would become a star.
When it says that it likes one car better than another, consumers and carmakers take notice.
But the cake is so incredibly delicious, no one will notice the lack of cream and butter.
Eventually, you'll notice that the skin doesn't mind coming back apart when you give it a stir.
Notice, too, that the color goes all the way through the onion and is evenly distributed.
Most places are happy to make special arrangements if they have some advance notice.
But it took a chunk of change to make everybody else sit up and take notice.
Most of us hardly notice the surveillance cameras watching over the grocery store or the bank.
Keep the headset on, and you'll soon start to notice your breathing and your beating heart.
They'll probably only notice it when you sit down anyway.
Notice the hot spot on the wing where it blends into the body.
There may be another problem: that having established exposure thresholds, nobody takes any notice of them.
It's small and you might not notice it when watching the video stream.
The electronics industry, naturally, has taken notice.
So is the hubris that somehow people wouldn't notice that the administration's ideology contradicted facts and empirical proof.
Since humans are effectively blind during gaze shifts, the subjects did not notice the swap.
Notice even this could be difficult if both outputs write to the same area, which one has precedence.
The interesting thing to notice is that it was herbal doctors who called the chemical peddlers quacks.
It has sometimes taken us a while to notice these writers, of course.
He did not notice that it had been shot through until he began to read.
At once you notice that you have a rather musical disposition.
The closer you watch something grow, the less able you are to notice changes in it.
We can only imagine what kind of pressure was brought to bear to prevent me from speaking on such short notice.
But no notice was taken of this correction, and my comments were not taken into account.
Despite the decline in homicide, serious violence is common and recordkeeping so poor it often escapes notice.
Moreover, as tension mounts and notice increases, your life becomes unbearable.
Notice how on the earliest ones his delivery is staid and serious-he even tells hecklers to shut up.
Users may notice that their timelines are updating slowly.
If you've ever glimpsed a star in a boutique, you'll notice he never reaches for his wallet.
The idea was to take so little that the heiress wouldn't notice-and so they could come back again.
The buzz was good, and the novel had much more notice than any of the earlier ones.
It was hot and cramped inside the truck, though no one else seemed to notice.
As the local and national press began to take notice, however, the sparse crowds grew bigger.
We're putting them on notice again for another year, in the hopes this once great blog can find its voice anew.
One of the first things you notice is that people treat you differently when they know you have it.
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