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Now, though, many museum directors are finding virtue in necessity.
Before dreaming up a plan for a museum of modern art, he started out as a film maker.
Museum exhibits, conferences and events relating to the brain.
Join revelers in museum workshops and a grand parade.
Science has moved on since then, of course, and cloud chambers are now largely museum pieces.
Browse the city's new museum row for culture and treats more.
Today we're going to recommend that you visit a museum.
Nintendo is quietly testing it for use as a museum guide and an educational tool.
The curator of a local museum has asked you to design an exhibit highlighting your life.
My advisor took me and my parents to lunch at a lovely restaurant in a local museum.
Here's a museum that knows fun can be good for you, and what's good for you can be fun.
Every decent art museum in cities around the world has a website.
Every museum and gallery seems to be holding some sort of commemorative event.
Think happening restaurants, a new contemporary art museum, and an architecturally forward-thinking bridge.
It will then become a museum piece, on display at the space centre.
Each museum would temporarily lend the other six of its pictures to round out the two collections.
These are fully employed public historians who have published books with leading presses and organized major museum exhibits.
The proposed museum would be both inland and underwater.
Once the two-week preservation process is finished, the squid will become part of the museum's research collection.
The museum is attracting a growing number of divers.
The space shuttle era is finished, its vehicles museum-bound.
Also, visit a museum's website beforehand, because often the location of the highlights is noted there.
The catalyst was a food-in-art exhibition at a local museum.
Many of the wooden playthings on the stands are replicas of originals now housed in the city's toy museum.
Virtual creatures slithered through the water and peered out from behind the real museum's support pillars.
Writer interviews historians and members of the museum's staff who discuss the delicate balance the museum must strike.
Convenient for a party at an art museum, or for a reporter.
There is a major difference, however, between the museum and the chapel.
Finding the funds to build a major museum is never easy.
These days, the word appears in reference books and museum exhibits.
Programs are free with museum admission, unless otherwise noted.
Museum workers dressed in matching overalls slowly loaded the box inside the back of a medium-size, steel-fortified truck.

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