Mummies in a sentence

Example sentences for Mummies

They placed the mummies in new wooden boxes and sealed the entrances.
It's the oldest genetic proof for malaria in well-dated mummies.
These herpetological mummies remain in their cocoons for the duration of the dry season.
Many of the mummies were richly adorned with jewels.
As far as he was concerned, the statues and mummies went out the window.
There are mummies by design and mummies by accident.
Dinosaur mummies, or dinosaurs with skin impressions intact, have been known for over a century.
Families of means commissioned artists to paint portraits of loved ones for the eventual adornment of their mummies.
For archaeologists and other scientists, mummies are a wealth of information.
Movie mummies are known for two things: fabulous riches and a nasty curse that brings treasure hunters to a bad end.
CT scans have become a popular method for investigating mummies, in part due to concerns over unwrapping the ancient dead.
Most mummies have their organs removed or dissolved inside their bodies prior to mummification.
Since the worker can't sting, they instead make the beetles into mummies.
We were behind the scenes for a special on exhuming mummies.
The hadrosaur is one of only a few naturally preserved dinosaur mummies discovered.
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