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Moody weather is part of the poetry of this wild coast.
But if he's moody and impulsive, tell him to step away from the controller.
We're also well-seated with the view that whiskey drinkers are moody.
Demand is high for deck space and hands, while moody weather and equipment failures add to the strain.
Despite the fact that he was moody and erratic, he was brilliant.
My apartment is reached via a dark and moody corridor, but the digs themselves are delightfully spacious and airy.
The two stayed together to make more moody music, hushed pop that's augmented with lush instrumentation and sensuality.
The moody atmosphere of decrepit grandeur is typical of her work.
The moody father is transformed overnight into the benevolent paterfamilias.
There was something in the moody and dogged silence of this pertinacious companion, that was mysterious and appalling.
He was always surprised, therefore, when she became moody and sentimental and talked about how loneliness is incurable.
Moody's lowered the credit ratings of four reinsurers eight months ago.
Moody's, a ratings agency, has given warning of a downgrade.
Moody's, a credit-rating agency, recently moved into the office tower.
Moody's, a credit-rating agency, notes that many patients are putting off non-essential treatments.
Moody's, a ratings agency, has reduced the region's creditworthiness to junk status.
After all, creative people-moody writers in particular-are different from the rest of us and must be indulged.
Here the moody prince makes only a walk-on appearance.
In yearbooks, they're the kids who wear exaggerated haircuts and immerse themselves in moody music.
It's difficult to recall a situation when a photographer has had such steady, tag-along access to a moody, elusive star.
On the one hand she could be a moody and petulant bully, who carefully cultivated inflexible opinions and fostered great hates.
The pills made her alternately moody and lethargic, but they no longer relieved her stress, as they had for years.

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