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Would you make the message rich in the opaque minutia of modern science and write.
It is satisfied with merely examining the minutia of each crisis in particular.
One of the great things about being a scientist is that you learn how to read in detail and appreciate minutia.
In fact, aside from those actually engaged in the traffic, but few persons know anything of its magnitude or minutia.
As such, high earners are much more motivated to wade through the minutia to find tax breaks that help bring the tax burden down.
The other seemed unmoored from the war, fixated on the minutia of daily life and the hiccups of the famous.
It is easy to get lost in the legalistic and political minutia of a law against aggression.
Above all this is a ballet about choreographic minutia in which detail has to be exact but also part of ample movement.
Pea-brained criminals and scientists who study minutia are favorite subjects.
We could quibble about the minutia of evolution forever, proving nothing.
Minutia-market of the moment: the humble eyebrow, which has grown from a chic grooming concern into a booming business.
All of the details of the original fingerprint cannot be recreated from the minutia data stored on the template.
It's easy for elected officials to get bogged down in the minutia of statistics, utilization rates, rankings and report cards.
Frankfurter always had an eye for the particular, for minutia, for procedural niceties.
It is how you go applying it and the intrusiveness of it and the minutia that you get into.
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