Meticulous in a sentence

Example sentences for Meticulous

Through meticulous research and interviews, he takes readers beyond the field.
He provided meticulous and compassionate care to his patients.
He's meticulous in every aspect of his life.
His small genre paintings are meticulous as to furnishings and costumes.
He is smart, meticulous, calculating and carries a specific agenda.
The choreography was meticulous.
He keeps meticulous count of all the books he's read.
He supports this assertion with meticulous evidence.
The near-final product shows meticulous attention to detail.
And keep a meticulous paper trail.
Typically historians are more methodical and meticulous in their research and in their compilation of stories.
It's based on meticulous environment control, not chemicals.
Meticulous tests of relativity and other fundamental concepts may need even more accurate clocks.
Blogs rarely have the resources to adhere to the meticulous copy standards of print journals and magazines.
The researchers behind the new study also say they were more meticulous in how they interpreted pigment samples.
Its members are meticulous about covering their tracks, and give the procedures every appearance of legality.
Despite the director's meticulous planning-he can spend years preparing for a film-something usually goes awry.
But many breakthroughs have come about thanks to meticulous observations of volcanoes and of particular eruptions.
He creates his images on the computer, building them out of restrained, meticulous shapes and lines.
She broke it down for us, explained the regions, and her meticulous recipes are so reliable.
It was his treat after a divorce, and he took meticulous care of it.
Unless you have meticulous handwriting, fill out the form online to avoid errors.
One reason is that its coroner keeps more meticulous records than others.
Its value lies mainly in its discovery, the product of experience, a good eye and meticulous archival research.
NY-based monitoring organization, after meticulous work, sets the record straight.
The final work justifies every meticulous, monastic, masochistic effort.
He seems to have been the center of gravity, the dour and meticulous ringleader.
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