Mar in a sentence

Example sentences for Mar

Tape the plier jaws with masking tape so they will not mar the cap finish.
Factual errors mar the essay.
It is a beautiful crisp Fall day here, with just a hint of high cloud to mar the brilliance of the sun.
The ripping winds carried his flowers away but didn't mar his headstone.
Election fraud could mar the election if it is widespread, said military officials.
Before the spoiler had whet his sword to mar.
But don't let recent history mar your opinion of bank stocks too much.
Lest his sad presence mar its holy beauty.
Deadline pressures and periodic bouts of clichéd thinking will undoubtedly mar this earnest striving for journalistic improvement.
The frustrating battles mar an otherwise charming, laid-back game.
Election officials, poll workers and voters are responsible for most of the mistakes that mar elections each year.

Famous quotes containing the word Mar

Marriage is distinctly and repeatedly excluded from heaven. Is this because it is thought likely to mar the... more
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