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Example sentences for Mane

The plates show a faint sense of motion, though hardly noticeable, in the horse's mane and tail.
The wand itself is a simple stick, containing the hair of a unicorn's mane.
He also patiently stands by while kids run their fingers through his mane.
Her salt-and-chocolate mane was hanging in an untamed pony tail.
His body may be dilapidated, but his face is still handsome in a hawklike way, and crowned by an elegant gray mane.
His shoulders were square and solid, his mane of hair apparently as dark and as defiant as ever.
The arrangement of stars creates an outline of a lion's head and mane.
She angles the untame strands until my mane is plowed and parted.
Their muzzle is white, and they don an erect and dark mane that lines their large head and neck.
His appearance cast a spell of its own: pale, even features, dramatic cheekbones and an unruly mane of reddish-gold hair.
It's a pottery piece w a lion's body and mane, its tongue is sticking out, webbed feet w a tail that curls around for a handle.
When our first tests came back on the lion, he was totally groomed with this big mane of perfect hair.
Here, an underwater view captures the billowing tentacles of a lion's mane jellyfish.
First a hoof, then the horse's mane, then its harness.
In terror, he grabbed for the horse's mane, but he couldn't get a firm grip.
His famously flowing mane of brown hair is streaked with gold highlights.
The breeze was now head-on and ruffled the mane of his horse.
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