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Unless you land an endowed chair or make a mint writing textbooks, administration is where the money is in higher education.
One way round this would be simply to mint more quantum money to make up for the losses.
Doing more procedures then will cost you money, not mint money.
Fans of such services gush that they will mint money by allowing ads to be targeted at folk who are about to make a purchase.
We kept a lot of mint tea and ginger, comic books in the bathroom, and home enema kits on hand.
We would perhaps realize that the robber walked away with three pieces of mint candy from the bank and not wads of cash.
Drinking mint tea in the morning, or after dinner, helps.
These plants are a type of mint and produce a host of volatile oils and other chemicals.
He came up with a new idea: to mint, or make, coins made of pure gold.
But a green sprig of mint, he found, could restore its goodness.
She especially enjoyed a double-decker carousel painted in yellow, pink, and mint green.
Chocolate sprinkles and crushed mint oreos made the rocks and ash.
Even if it appears to be in mint condition, it may have some fine particles on it.
Nevertheless, several executives have made a mint even though their firms' track records have been lousy.
It's not unfair, but there are always guys around making a mint giving out bad advice.
Given the lack of evidence for any official mint, the archaeologists suspect that the local business was forgery.
If, that is, publishers can be convinced to let what are in effect mint-condition digital copies to go at a lower price.
In reality, it is a perfume that uses mint's form to reconceptualize a material into a work.
Serve, garnishing each bowl with a sprig of fresh mint.
Tabbouleh gets a zingy makeover, thanks to aromatic mint and salty, tangy preserved lemon.
Try all of the above with lemony aioli or mint pesto.
And the leaves of scented types delight our noses with aromas of lemon, mint, and rose.
These are mint in the box, which is personally signed by the voice actors.
The opportunity to purchase one dollar coins from the mint via credit card has now ended.
Remove from heat and stir in half of basil and mint and salt and pepper to taste.
Mint has a real affinity for honeydew, so don't skimp on the garnish.
At those prices, these prized pairs stay off the feet to maintain their mint condition.
The nation's first mint provides a wide array of coins and manufacturing services.
To serve, spoon into stemmed goblets and garnish with a sprig of fresh mint.
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