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Mill suggests there is something intrinsically important about having full control over one's faculties.
One common take on this machine is a wheel or water mill that uses changes in weight to continually rotate.
Mash mixture through a fine-mesh strainer or a food mill into a bowl to remove skins.
Ford is developing its smallest engine ever, a wee little three-cylinder mill with the displacement of a soda bottle.
The kinetic energy of the flowing river turns the wheel and is converted into mechanical energy that runs the mill.
Large chicks mill around everywhere, some of them flapping.
Often several species of fruit flies mill about the same location.
Put tomatoes through food mill or press through strainer to remove seeds and peel.
Mill owners built dams that pooled water behind the mill and kept the mill wheels turning reliably.
The courage she showed in her lifetime is to be envied by normal, run of the mill people.
The launch event features presentations and a mill tour.
The incident occurred at his workplace, an iron mill.
They bought grain from a sympathetic friend and ground it with a mill they had constructed in the cave.
The more pressing part is how horrible to be caught up in this kind of rumor mill and then fired in this procedurally unjust way.
Trips include a winery and olive mill tour plus a stop at a farmers market.
They were mystified he did not want to build an illegal logging mill.
In less than two months' time, we'll find out what the rumor mill got right.
But the low-key property, once a sugar mill and a cattle ranch, is also refreshingly rustic.
Around this run-of-the-mill adapter furls an elegant leather square with a press-stud closure.
But the new phone models' run-of-the-mill features and all-too-familiar looks aren't likely to win it big fans.
But many mill workers are woefully ill-prepared for such work.
The rumour-mill is now whirring as to what another set of stress tests will look for.
Sometimes the stories it tells are run-of-the-mill melodramas that could have happened anywhere.
The electricity that is generated powers a mill's own operations.
The report found two instances where students were referred to a diploma mill to purchase high school diplomas.
It is indeed a depressing, former mill-town with a number of rundown areas.
They're hot under the collar, these mistreated puppy mill dogs.
And he isn't any run-of- the-mill trained chimp, either.
One of her factories is the largest paper mill in the world.
He set up a one-room flour mill, run off a condemned electric motor-condemned by him.
Occasionally chants rose up, but people seemed mostly to mill in small circles of family and friends.
Thayer's own prized collection of skins was packed in trunks and stored in an old mill house on the adjacent property.
The steel mill has not been entirely cleaned up, but it no longer spews soot over everything.
Car horns were blaring along with area mill whistles blowing.
The wheel of fortune turns quicker than a mill wheel.
Also it was mercifully hid by the mill buildings from any view from the house.
In the end he went to work in a rolling-mill at a dollar a day.
Once a mill, this building has been cleaned, renovated and turned into offices.
During her seven years at the mill, she had two children with birth defects.
School closures, canceled proms, and emergency rooms flooded with people panicking over run-of-the-mill coughs and sore throats.
Cellulose from algae where the much bigger surface area than the cellulose found in one of the mill, sorry paper, was key.
Peel them, mash them in a ricer or a food mill, and turn into a mixing bowl.
In general, it will be better to use all the bread corn from the mill from week to week, and only bring away the surplus.
Maize is brought to the mill to be ground into flour.
Part of the band's duties included run-of-the-mill meetings where they helped hammer out details as mundane as food service.
Purée plums with liquid in batches in food mill set over a bowl.
First product to come from the mill was this imperial mustard made according to a family formula already centuries old.
Put the ketchup through a food mill, reheat it, and pour it into hot sterilized jar.
Kirk worked his way up from abject poverty, selling snacks to mill workers and delivering newspapers.
Brown lung disease develops when cotton mill workers inhale tiny fragments of cotton-boll leaves.
As they mill around, the egg selects one and reels it in, pinning it down in spite of its efforts to escape.
Bear in mind that your typical, run-of-the-mill computer virus is not alive, because all it does is replicate itself.
The rolling mill clanked out the first structural shapes.
Chances are, the email in your inbox from your friend is what started the rumor mill going.
Thus, the high professional academics view their run-of-the-mill colleagues.
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