Lye in a sentence

Example sentences for Lye

Corn kernels can be soaked in lye to produce hominy.
Lye is a caustic substance traditionally used to make soap.
Unfortunately, the police say, they did not wait long enough for the lye to burn off before they drank the brew.
It is combined with lye to make laundry detergent, and applied to wounds to speed healing.
He has obviously heard the cliche, yet would not let, the actors and the audience lye.
He beat her with a stick and then washed out the boat with sake and lye so strong it bleached streaks of coloring from the wood.
Washing clothes often meant handling caustic lye soap.
No wood for hot water, so had to use ashes and lye again.
The salt in his tears might as well have been lye, to judge by the rawness of his face.
Soap consisted of two key ingredients: lye and animal fat.
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