Lodestar in a sentence

Example sentences for Lodestar

Rand has always been a lodestar for proponents of limited government.
In determining the amount of attorneys' fees to award, the court's first task is to determine the lodestar.
The lodestar method also has been utilized when counsel are salaried employees of non-profit organizations.
It is substantially less than the lodestar amount based upon counsel's rates and time invested.
The lodestar of this effort is maintaining a citizen-centric service.
The lodestar is then computed by multiplying the number of hours reasonably expended by the reasonable hourly rate.
The lodestar amount is calculated by multiplying the reasonable number of hours expended by a reasonable hourly rate.
The lodestar amount results from multiplying the amount of time reasonably expended by reasonable hourly rates.
These factors mirror the lodestar standard applied in federal court.
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