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The walls are painted playful colors of lime, tangerine, and blueberry.
But no, you were all enjoying the lime light that rarely falls on us science nerds.
Tin-roof sundaes, cinnamon cokes in paper fountain cups, lime phosphates.
Families weave in and out of round mud and thatch huts connected by dirt paths and lined by lime-green leafed coca bushes.
Chlorinated lime is a white powder used for bleaching or disinfecting.
Here is the same water with a substance which heats nearly as much as the lime does, but see how differently.
Lotions of chloride of lime and use of nail-brush before admission to lying-in wards.
After breakfast they have water to wash themselves, while their apartments are perfumed with frankincense and lime juice.
If clouds should appear in the sky while he is at work, he takes lime in the hollow of his hand and blows it towards them.
There's one for every color scheme, from amber to plum to lime green.
Add the cream, lime juice, and butter and boil until slightly thickened.
In the above image, the primary vortices are seen as red circles, and the secondary vortices are the lime-green swirls.
Whisk in the remaining teaspoon of sake and the lime juice.
The cartilage is stiffened by lime, making it strong enough to support the shark's body.
Females are generally larger than males, but males are more ornately colored, ranging from dark green to lime-colored.
If you make this an hour or two before your meal, the lime juice and a bit of salt helps soften the cabbage.
The water reacts with the lime, producing calcium hydroxide and heat.
Dressed in filmy garments, they stand in the centre of a turquoise sea dotted with deep pink lotuses and lime-green leaves.
As preteens, they rode their bikes across the gravel mounds and swam in lime-green sinkholes.
We see him during the debates but besides that he has managed to stay out of the lime-light.
Oversized paint pots and paint brushes, in fuchsia pink and lime green, decorate the set.
It drenched every nutmeg with lime before export, to ensure that not one fertile seed escaped its clutches.
Test for taste, adding more lime juice and salt as needed.
Here you can nibble on treats, rehydrate with lemon-lime water, or browse magazines while waiting for your appointment.
It was a white silk organza sundress with lime green and bright yellow and bright blue polka dots.
One of the best treatments they found was a mix of lime and sulfur.
When asked what happens when you die, he replied that you get put in a hole and someone puts lime on you and then you decompose.
Squeeze a little lime juice into the avocado, both to taste and to make it easier to mix up later.
If desired, garnish with one lime wedge and torn basil leaves.
Remove from heat and add lime juice, plus salt and pepper to taste.
Place goat meat in a non-metallic bowl and add the lime juice and grated grated zest and the garlic.
Meanwhile, make the sauce by combining lime juice with the fish sauce and sugar in a small bowl.
Lime and chili alone are enough to bring out the flavor of the corn.
Add a squeeze of lime, and a spoon of buttery brown sugar.
Then it is exposed in another box to the fumes of the bromide of lime until it becomes of a blood-red tint.
The flavor was a little complex, with several kinds of coconut and lime juice.
The aromatic profile is a tad more generous then using preserved lime but the consistency is weighty and seamless.
When his plate is clean, he rinses his hands in a bowl of hot lime water with tea leaves floating on the surface.
Squeeze in a wedge of lemon or lime to taste, if desired.
If anything, her characterizations are better-a lime grittier, a lime less tinged with whimsy.
So many topical themes pop up that they start fight- ing among themselves for the lime- light and end up in a heap on the floor.
The water was lime green, with pink and gray flecks in the fading light of day.
Checks and balances: lime vinaigrette on sweet potatoes.
Top greens with salmon and season lightly with fleur de sel, then squeeze some of lime juice from wedges over salmon.
Mix butter, lime juice, jalapeno pepper and chili powder in small bowl.
The rest was fashioned out of a wooden frame fixed onto the rock, and was shaped with mud, hemp and lime plaster.
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