LAWFUL in a sentence

Example sentences for LAWFUL

The standard for lawful arrest is probable cause and not beyond a reasonable doubt.
It's disingenuous to equate lawful prescription medications with illegal recreational drugs.
Once a lawful scavenger, he had become one of the new economy's micro-saboteurs.
Family law has always been messy in this country, with marriages that are lawful in one state being unlawful in the next.
After the decision, it's not so easy to argue that the underlying act of file sharing is lawful.
It urged its draftee readers to think about the message and then-if they so chose-to act on it in a lawful and nonviolent way.
If the order is a lawful order, it should be obeyed.
In the way that a lawful evil dictatorship will always be preferable to a chaotic evil anarchy, cynicism gives us bright lines.
The proposition is usually linked with one to make the secondary boycott lawful.
It is no longer lawful to construct barracks to cover the whole of a lot.
Truly, she must be given, or the marriage is not lawful.
Lawful permanent residents may use their permanent resident card to gain entry to the country.
There are still lawful restrictions on the type of spending corporations may engage in, and the way the advertising must occur.
There are still lawful restrictions on corporations making direct contributions to candidates.
Abandonment of lawful permanent resident status is irrevocable.
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