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They found the boards in the wood-closets fine kindling wood, while the pipes and faucets were as good as cash at the junk shop.
Recycle your own newspapers, magazine pages, or junk mail as gift wrap.
Don't listen to that official junk, the indicator for recession should be more heavily weighted towards unemployment.
The food they do get is overprocessed junk, which will in time make them sick.
What we're looking for is really nothing more than junk, the remains of a long-lost plane.
Most must resort to an iron self-discipline bolstered by a hefty dose of superiority over those who eat junk food.
It came hidden among the coupons and other junk mail.
But they persevered, and the result is gourmet junk food.
It's a watery junk yard, a place where people pay to abandon their old boats.
The author speculates, in a playlet, about the problems besetting the owners of kinetic junk-sculpture.
His tight, purposeful rhythms aimed to push the soft-rock junk of the mid-seventies out of the mainstream and off the road.
The rest of us have to make do with a memory shed, or a mildewed memory cupboard filled with memory junk.
But a small cadre of contrarians look forward to junk e-mail.
It's easy to stereotype obesity as an affliction of the poor, since low-end junk food is so aggressively marketed.
The overly-stigmatized ritual is only problematic when junk food boxes and bags are emptied in a matter of hours, not days.
It would merely treat junk email as junk faxes are treated.
And eating junk food is not unhealthy as long as one eats in moderation and exercises regularly.
The valves that connected their junk's engine-cooling pipes to the water had been left open overnight, swamping the hull.
Experiments on rats suggest that a taste for junk food can be acquired in the womb.
Even known pieces of space junk can pose an unexpected threat to satellites.
From white dwarfs to space junk, our solar system is filled with mysterious and often mind-blowing phenomena.
Hazards include whizzing dust and space junk and extreme temperatures, which can cause structural breaks and cracks.
The political one made clear that meats and junk foods were to be consumed, but in smaller portions than other foods.
Eat fruits and vegetables and don't eat too much junk food it is and enjoy what you are eating.
Nowadays many live on junk food which is unhealthy and brings too many unknown diseases.
Stop all the junk food purchases and this might help.
These chains accept your old electronic junk, either in-store or by mail.
Most also fall to the surface in a relatively short time, which means they do not add to orbiting space junk.
Cutting way back on over processed junk food would help a lot too.
It was all junk science and the study was fundamentally wrong.
They disseminate junk information by opening up new e-mail accounts and then automatically delivering a flood of messages.
But the sky isn't done raining down huge pieces of space junk.
Engineers tried stopping the flow with mud and junk and lowering a cap over the leak.
Not all email applications are set to automatically delete junk.
It is highly effective at getting kids to demand and eat junk foods.
Yet she's barefoot and primal, grabbing junk that she doesn't have, and dancing aggressively.
It is in every one of its details a perfect piece of junk.
Parents could still order junk food, but the default meal should be healthy.
Space junk is a serious problem, particularly in some orbits where debris is increasing at alarming rates.
More junk to take a necessary basic driving skill away of the driver.
Many cars are loaded with junk technology, and few people question it.
High in calories but low in nutrition, junk food isn't exactly optimal fuel for kids.
But of course, being cautious in the face of uncertainty is hardly junk science.
Out of the tons of junk that is up there, it seems to always be something that has been in the news lately.
Created out of old typewriter and computer parts, the shoes were fashioned simply out of junk and some glue.
Also, sunsets tend to be redder than sunrises due to more junk in the air during the day, so it's more photogenic.
Especially consider that we're practically the only species that smokes cigarettes and eats junk food.
They are incredibly complex and ambitious, and if they experience a failure, they're space junk.
It makes sense for them to be able to get rid of any unwanted bodily junk.
Paralleling the untouchability of teaching tools is the impenetrability of modern junk.
He is eventually taken in by a gang of eccentric bums who live in the bowels of an enormous junk heap.
It's a junk shop of human emotion and behavior, a forum for advanced people-watching.
Further, they don't make junk out of some callous desire to inflict bland pain on our eyeballs.
Here's how to stop junk mail to your home or business in a few easy steps.
Every household has, at some time, received junk mail.
In some cases junk mail can be useful and informative.
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