Jealous in a sentence

Example sentences for Jealous

I'm jealous of the men in saddles, with their big hats and boots.
Framed by a jealous poodle, a show dog dachshund endures life on the streets.
People can be very jealous of someone driving a car that they love.
She was jealous not of any particular woman but of the decrease of his love.
My husband has just taken up running, and I'm jealous of him, too.
Women went out of their senses over him; men called him a coxcomb, and were secretly jealous of him.
I'm not jealous, but I'm unsatisfied.
Other girls were jealous of their friendships.
Have a great time! I'm massively jealous.
He's the actor that all actors are jealous of.
The camp was jealous of its privileges and looked suspiciously on strangers.
Leaders who are jealous of their followers do not inspire loyalty.
Each side is jealous of its prerogatives but eager to avoid confrontation.
But as his power grew, jealous rivals began to defect from his cause.
Photographers today must be jealous looking at these intimate pictures.
When he was in a relationship, he would get so jealous, he could barely contain it.
If you're jealous, the good news is that soon you might be able to make your own digital library of your life.
Some make news when jealous or appalled colleagues leak to the press.
Make them jealous as they see you sip coffee at a sunny street cafe or swoosh down a mountainside.
He's always seemed happy when she had someone to date, not jealous.
Her lover, to keep her faithful, gives her a jealous dog.
But as her affair intensifies, she becomes increasingly careless and distracted and finally jealous.
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