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It is particularly strong in music, with chamber and symphony orchestras, a jazz band and an excellent choir.
The festival also features live jazz music on three stages, and is capped off by a rib cook-off.
Well, often times, jazz music covers a lot of octaves.
Jazz music was nurtured throughout the city, in a variety of neighborhoods.
Most people who play jazz for a living are accustomed to self-reliance.
And, true, he'll even throw in some jazz hands if you ask him nicely.
It established that jazz could be worthy of the concert hall.
As he cues up an old jazz record, you look around his cluttered room for somewhere to sit.
But he is also a highly regarded blues, rock and jazz artist considered a solid songwriter and session musician.
It's mild and unobtrusive, so you can jazz it up, even with fireball habaneros.
The thinking behind it is pure modern jazz really, but played by rather amateur rock musicians.
He also recently started playing the washboard in a jazz band.
He was influenced mainly by reggae, jazz and punk rock.
Of course, all that jazz doesn't exactly come for a song.
Jazz up your living room with some new throw pillows.
Keen on taking liberties, he became a jazz composer.
These talented players deliver fun, hot, rumpus jazz with a twist.
But his experiments can be as improvisational as jazz.
Intimate jazz club, performing and visual arts venue, and a friendly tearoom in one.
He was a career changer, btw, and had been a professional jazz musician before turning to econ.
Applause should be reserved for great jazz solos and sliding tackles only.
The strategy also needs to include a capital budget that says how all this great jazz is going to be paid for.
But no one here is talking about grading jazz lyrics.
Jazz it up if necessary with some interesting jewellery.
The site previously might not have had jazz or glam.
He plays jazz piano nightly, and the food is fantastic.
The migrants brought the blues and gave birth to jazz, rock, rhythm and blues and hip-hop.
He blends musical styles in genre-crossing performances that expand the boundaries of jazz expression.
They can't do jazz standards-they lack the technical skills to make it past the chorus.
Jazz plays softly over the restaurant's sound system.
Artistic license, suspense of disbelief, and all that jazz.
Jazz, world beat, and experimental artists keep the crowd rocking.
Relax at this intimate club known for its great jazz musicians.
Someone asked me once a long time ago on a television thing about the meaning of cool jazz.
It's time for the jazz world's biggest festival once again.
Or jazz up your game plan by experimenting with meats, flavors and presentations.

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