Jauntily in a sentence

Example sentences for Jauntily

Highbrow collectors once hung art from bookcases suspended jauntily with big thick ribbons and wire.
However, he works jauntily and enthusiastically, and his car movie isn't the retread it might have been.
He is rarely without his flat-top fedora perched jauntily on his head.
The next moment, she danced jauntily with her hands in her pockets.
Its early developments are jauntily clever, and it has a well-developed screwball quality that keeps it buoyant.
It sits atop the truck as jauntily as a ballplayer's cap, camouflaging where the roof steps up.
The bird jauntily bounces its body up and down, sometimes also twitching its wings.
He gave a wave and was jauntily off, swinging his cane.
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