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Example sentences for Itinerary

Winner and travel companion must travel on same itinerary.
Winner and travel companion must be available to travel on the same itinerary.
Winner and guest must travel together on the same itinerary.
From that point on, the bacterium's travel itinerary was set.
Plan your itinerary carefully before you leave, even if you're making an extended stay in only a few places.
Knowing how far apart various regions are will help you plan your itinerary.
Buy travel guides that cover points along your itinerary and keep them with you on the trip.
They then commenced an intensive servicing itinerary that spanned five spacewalks.
The course of the itinerary, on the whole, is fairly regular.
It time-stamps this itinerary, in case later verification is needed.
Ask for winery visits and you'll get a personalized itinerary.
Both pieces are well worth reading, regardless of your itinerary.
They slept late, savored the refined cuisine, and demanded little of an itinerary beyond the chance to lie in the sun.
Your itinerary is going to depend on the ages of your kids.
Be sure to check the opening hours of all museums before planning your itinerary and, when possible, make reservations.
The research prototype cannot yet make reservations but will be able to help you establish an itinerary.
And the whole thing is impressively fast: make changes to an itinerary and the new options are displayed instantaneously.
She didn't know enough geography to realize the absurdity of this, but hey, it was the cheapest itinerary.
Whoever planned his itinerary must have a highly developed sense of irony.
Creating an online itinerary map is a good way to share your travels with friends and family before, during and after your trip.
No other changes to the ship's itinerary have been made.
Take an honest look at your itinerary and what you will need to be prepared.
It's the second week in a row that storms prompted the ship to change its itinerary.
With a support van always close by, participants can bike as much or as little of the itinerary as desired.
The company offers both a camp-and-cabin trip, with all camping gear included, and a lodge-based version of the itinerary.
Be sure to build rest and relaxation days into your itinerary, and don't pack your days too full.
Also, as a private charter, the ship's dinner cruising itinerary is largely up to the patron.
Outline an itinerary that hits all the important stops and book tickets incrementally as you go.
Prices vary according to your departure point and whether you choose to tack additional cities onto your itinerary.
On self-guided trips, you receive an itinerary and drive on your own.
The itinerary factors in ample time for independent exploring during the city stays.
On our four-day itinerary the only crowds you're likely to encounter will be of the elk, trout, and nebular variety.
But his itinerary last weekend was particularly extraordinary.
Host countries often construct an itinerary for the torch relay that showcases points of national pride.
Perhaps they could include the statue at my local park on the itinerary.
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