Interrupting in a sentence

Example sentences for Interrupting

But now imagine that interference is interrupting an urgent, emergency cell-phone call.
Could it be right to switch off the tv when there is a back ground noise to avoid the bad effects of interrupting concentration.
The good news is that some seem to be aware of the risk of interrupting treatment.
Interrupting that rhythm can have detrimental consequences.
Within days or weeks, scar tissue walls off electrodes, interrupting transmission.
One volcano interrupting air traffic on which many countries depend to bring tourists on whose revenue they depend.
They listen and listen and listen, without interrupting.
She induced expressions of surprise by interrupting concentration with a nonsensical question.
What a silly article that turns logic on its head by claiming the handlers are interrupting the dogs' work.
Interrupting our discussion, the abbot is called upon to induct half a dozen more, the first new batch of this year.
Its a method of interrupting an otherwise normal biological process, akin to a vasectomy.
Ill-focused and superfluous meetings can be maddening, wasting our time and interrupting the flow of our day.
No one's talking about a workflow interrupting complete rewrite of your life.
And he manages to apply a wide range of historical interpretations without interrupting the flow of his narrative.
Finally, she produced some doctor's note, of course interrupting me in the middle of lecture.
The lowly mobile phone interrupting the highest of art seems a perfect little metaphor for our moment.
Suddenly the camera captures something indecorous and unexpected-the crowd interrupting him.
The chair may decide it to be a question of privilege, but not of sufficient urgency to justify interrupting the speaker.
The interrupting device used for this function should be a contactor or other mechanical interrupting device.
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