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The odds are worse for patients who experience delirium in the intensive care unit.
But even so, it's enough to cover the additional cost of the intensive math program.
New drugs to improve memory and cognitive performance in impaired individuals are under intensive study.
The best part is there is even a rice cooker now that makes it for you, so much less labor intensive than cooking it in a pot.
Chances are, by the time the dish reaches perfection, an intensive hour has been invested.
Today's industrial agriculture is energy and resource intensive.
No matter what the illness, people in hospital intensive care units tend to have elevated blood sugar levels.
Organic farming produces far less than conventional intensive methods, and so more land must be farmed for the same yield.
Intensive farming not only degrades our soils, but it also contributes to climate change.
He was admitted to the hospital's intensive care unit.
The proposed approach is energy intensive and depends on having large amounts of cheap or free stranded energy.
The goal of intensive insulin therapy is to keep blood glucose levels as close to normal as possible.
Party spokesmen refuse to describe her illness, apart from saying that she left intensive care after an operation.
One group then participated in an intensive eight-week program to improve their reading skills.
Patients are usually admitted to the intensive care unit of the hospital.
Even so, shipping gas remains much more capital intensive than shipping oil.
Despite intensive management and supplemental feeding, the population languished.
Until the day he ended up in the intensive care unit.
In the film the scene is made literal, set in an intensive care unit.
The public investment portion of the bill isn't likely to be as job intensive.
As a result, decentralized composting has lower startup costs, but is more labor intensive.
These changes followed intensive remedial reading instruction.
If it is two years straight of intensive preparation, equal to about eight or ten semesters, you should be in good shape.
Stir in the intensive marketing of candy and fast food, and you have the makings of an epidemic.
Participants undergo intensive treatment instead of prison.
Then there was a study that questioned the efficacy and purpose of the intensive screening of travelers at airports.
Physicians intubated him and moved him to an intensive care unit.
Patients who are recovering get intensive physiotherapy.
With many alternate routes, streets can be narrower, making them safer to cross and less land intensive.
Intensive breeding for rapid growth is responsible for their ambulatory problems.
Hanson is developing an electronic nose that detects pneumonia in intensive care patients.
For a few days, he was unconscious on a respirator in the intensive care unit.
Instructors say that the compressed nature of the intensive program makes the courses a challenge to both student and teacher.
But there are a slew of lesser-known fathers in the animal kingdom with intensive parenting skills of their own.
Use the millions being poured into more testing for intensive teacher training.
The rehab process takes years and is extremely labor intensive.
But modern intensive farming practices often don't provide all the resources bees need to stay alive.
But replanting them several times a year is labor-intensive.
Thus inspired, it becomes intensive rather than diffuse.
In many ways an automatic landing is more work-intensive than a manual one.
The word has been beaten to a pulp and is in intensive care.
My father, who was in treatment for lung cancer, had been rushed to the hospital and was in the intensive-care unit.
Half of each weekday is devoted to school and half to golf and intensive physical training.
But he had also begun an intensive review of the entire policy.
The authorizing language is so detailed here that it reeks of intensive lobbying.
Oil shale extraction is similarly difficult and energy-intensive.
Only heating and cooling the home itself are more energy-intensive.
From lifts and lights to the machines that make and groom snow, running a ski resort is energy intensive.
Labor-intensive work doesn't stop at the greenhouse.
These are energy-intensive processes, and recycling removes these steps entirely, producing energy savings.
Cotton was labor intensive--it was planted, cultivated, and picked by hand.
The process of painting fine geometric patterns is labor-intensive and time-consuming.
Exceptionally water-intensive products and food items include beef, coffee, and cotton.
Out-of-season produce is an extravagance because it is so energy-intensive to transport it to your kitchen.
The process may sound elementary, but it's extremely tedious and labor-intensive.
It also leads to overuse of water for the wrong things, especially for highly water-intensive crops.
The intensive production encouraged by the subsidies is bad for the environment too.
Growth has been capital-intensive, focusing on heavy industries such as steel rather than more labour-intensive services.
But this has been broadly offset by price falls in the capital-intensive goods they export.
There is no space for a family specialised free range, or semi intensive farming supplying large markets.
There, as farmers leave the land they go into labour-intensive manufacturing.
The capital-intensive goods are produced, but no one can buy them.
He thinks it makes more sense to focus the limited resources available on intensive programmes for the neediest children.
Not only are emerging economies growing faster, but their growth is more energy intensive.
As countries industrialise, energy-intensive businesses make up a bigger share of the economy.
Ceramic coatings are nothing new, but the conventional technology for applying them is energy intensive.
Because storing the urchins is costly and labor intensive, they must be released into the ocean once they reach a certain size.
It would also tend to be more labor-intensive and less fuel-intensive, important since fuel will now get scarcer forever.
But as a general remedy the prescription seems unrealistic, particularly for complex tasks requiring intensive training.
Extraction is toxic, environmentally destructive and energy-intensive.
Automobiles are still heavy machines made largely with steel stamped in giant presses in capital- and energy-intensive factories.
Similarly, education researchers have shown how learning is accelerated by intensive interaction within diverse groups.
Still, many athletes benefit from extra tutoring and more intensive access to counseling and guidance.
The hiring process in academe is long, costly, and labor intensive.
Finally, the grains that comprise the livestock diet have been refined by methods that are energy-intensive as well as polluting.
It is an unproven, energy-intensive process and has the potential to make the problem worse.
Although this was a step in the right direction, it was incredibly time-intensive and made it impossible to have a conversation.
Communications also illustrates the trend toward lighter, smaller, less materials-intensive technology.
Startups are much less capital-intensive than they once were.
There's also the structure of the loan, which involves a lot of intensive interaction with the borrower.
By this means, and by intensive crew training, the problem was licked.
Because manufacturing is more capital-intensive than the rest of the economy, downtime is more costly than in other industries.
There are also questions about how green print-on-demand really is, especially if it uses the energy-intensive laser process.
True, even without subsidies, there might indeed be economic advantages to raising animals under intensive conditions.
So the best case: to raise incomes and to incentivize less resource-intensive food consumption.
Recovering deleted messages is a labor-intensive process that isn't possible in all cases.
The history of capitalist development is the history of the more expansive and intensive use of space.
It's a fingers-intensive job best performed by long lines of low-wage employees.
In many places, yields can increase-if prices rise high enough to make investment in more-intensive agriculture worthwhile.
The flavor is stronger, and salmon products are a bit more labor intensive to bring to table.
Here's the short version: industrialized meat production is emission-intensive while well managed, non-industrialized is not.
Following an intensive screening and selection process the donor endures a few weeks of invasive medical procedures.
We are living longer, healthier lives in less labor-intensive jobs.
Diversified or intensive farming will greatly improve existing conditions, and is developing rapidly.
Plastic sorting can be done manually, but it's tedious and labor-intensive.
Their neural basis is under intensive investigation.
Despite the intensive excavation, no physical evidence--plant or animal remains--was ever recovered.
Intensive agriculture and land development is bringing humans closer to animal pathogens.
Eating fast food at all, particularly the packaging-intensive happy meals.
Making paper is an emission-intensive process on its own.
Until now, no treatments other than intensive supportive care have been available.
Shale oil production is a water-intensive process: up to five barrels of water are consumed for every barrel of oil produced.
These studies strongly suggested that their intensive training was the reason for the changes in the taxi drivers' brains.
That's too time consuming, too costly, and too labor intensive.
Testosterone has been the focus of intensive research for decades.
If so, that's another growth market since fruit and vegetable cultivation is labor intensive.
For others, however, the intensive care in hospitals made wonders.
Education is labor-intensive, so faculty salaries figure strongly in college costs.
Fracking is an energy- and resource-intensive process.
But the production of beef is incredibly inefficient and resource-intensive.
Iconic-An intensive age-defense treatment designed to boost cellular metabolism.
He was then blindfolded and transported by monorail, still in the sling, to a recovery stall in the intensive-care unit.
It promised intensive one-on-one instruction that often failed to materialize.
Making multicrystalline ingots is faster and less energy-intensive-the silicon is melted and then cooled.
Genetically engineering plants is a time-intensive process.
Current methods for removing nitrate wastes from ground-water are energy-intensive, expensive, and not always effective.
Because it's labor-intensive, the process is also expensive.
CT is used routinely in research and in medical practice, but it is a time-intensive process and produces only static images.
They use a lot of material and the manufacturing plants are capital intensive.
Making hydrogen by electrolyzing water is energy intensive and can be expensive.
Most of the feedstock mentioned is fertilizer intensive.
To perform the suggested experiment one will need periodic intensive beam of neutrons.
It is somewhat energy intensive, but then energy is what is being produced.
Alternative cooling techniques are more energy intensive, cutting into a plant's overall efficiency.
Many autistic children learn to speak late and only with intensive language therapy.
Wastewater treatment is much more energy-intensive than composting.
Though based on intensive study of the human body, his work is about as realistic as grand opera.
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