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Example sentences for Integrity

To maintain the integrity of the house, the owners had the walls repaired with plaster, not drywall.
But once he began to speak, what people sensed was his integrity.
His operation can't get much bigger and still maintain its environmental and ethical integrity.
He had the courage and integrity to openly state his beliefs and the guts to shoulder the consequences of his actions.
Identifying performers in film as veterans became a narrative short-cut, a quick way to establish their integrity.
The integrity of the product and the skill of the distiller are second to none.
Thank you for the music, thank-you also for the intelligent integrity of your life.
Under all the veneers of flamboyance is someone of impeccable integrity.
To keep the integrity of the recordings intact, de-noising technology and overall volume limiting was used sparingly.
They reflect our own lack of judgment, integrity, decency and objectivity.
Without confidence in the integrity of financial data or health information, the economy trembles.
To do otherwise is a breach of contract and a breach in personal integrity.
We deliver transformational education within a culture of integrity and personal accountability.
These programs provide educational experiences emphasizing professional and personal knowledge, development and integrity.
The academic integrity committee would then review her case.
Especially in difficult situations, the caliber and integrity of these people will be key to your success and your happiness.
The greatness of house is secured by upholding the integrity of its prerogatives.
The colonias were built to meet the demand for cheap housing, with little concern for structural integrity or standards of living.
Supporters contend these laws are simply meant to ensure the integrity of the voting process.
However, with increased convenience comes significantly decreased security in the sense of both privacy and data integrity.
Many question the integrity of other members of his party.
The charges are sharply at odds with the firm's jealously guarded self-image as a paragon of integrity.
Two years on and the market is clearly signaling renewed concerns about the integrity of the financial system.
But an uglier concern has recently surfaced: how to ensure the moral integrity of people who are supposed to be helping others.
For a retailer to make the grade, they must have maintained their integrity and hewed closely to their original vision.
And then the integrity of the organic label is of a paramount importance.
These have a wicked crunchy skin and cake insides with the structural integrity to sop awhile in coffee.
Recycling plastic packaging is an important step toward preserving the integrity of the ecosystem.
The region also boasts a high degree of cultural integrity.
Before each move, he tested the integrity of the handholds by knocking on the rock with his palm.
More than differences in ecosystem integrity explain this wide gap in productivity.
Bearing walls are key to the integrity of any structure.
It has a high level of integrity in both its natural and constructed beauty.
Regardless, zoos are committed to conserving the genetic integrity of the subspecies that do exist in the wild.
Their special status derives not only from their decades-long residence but also from the integrity of their work.
When words lose their integrity so do the ideas they express.
We knew her as a courageous defender of human rights, a politician of integrity, a respected and popular teacher.
Many demonstrators argued, in effect, that the integrity of the fledgling anarchist experiment must be protected at all costs.
The integrity of our surroundings has repeatedly been sacrificed to the financial interests of a few.
Without such a demurrer, all integrity leaves criticism, and one is merely producing propaganda.
It continues, moreover, to threaten the integrity of the state.
The integrity of neural wiring is a big factor in determining intelligence.
These proteins have chemical structures that fit together tightly to give silk fibers their integrity and strength.
Archivists check the integrity of the downloaded data and then distribute it for storage.
Safety and structural integrity of road vehicles has little to do with size or weight.
Choosing that path shows attention to detail, clear thinking and personal integrity.
The review comments and draft manuscript remain confidential to protect the integrity of the deliberative process.
Scientists, meanwhile, need to keep speaking out about the integrity of our field.
Note that the second listed goal is to promote and defend the integrity of science and its use.
Its gravity is far too weak to overcome the structural integrity of the crystals in the rock itself.
It implies a certain level of journalistic integrity.
They melt away as individuals, and the community loses its sense of integrity.
Please cite them to defend the integrity of your comment.
Beams of this intensity, used for this purpose, are complete non-hazards for both plane structural integrity and pilot eyesight.
To check the integrity of the pedigrees, they'd type the cells for all known blood groups.
The integrity of science is to be defended by fabricating data.
He was protecting his artistic integrity, but more importantly he was making a stand about his morals.
Many of the climate scientists have sold their integrity to the political hand that feeds them.
At minimum it can be said the containment buildings for the reactors failed to maintain their structural integrity.
Denying people the integrity of their own lives denies them the integrity of their own bodies.
In the end, both students got through their speeches-Kylie's was about integrity-without incident.
Now, some critics have real integrity about these lists.
They are doing what they are doing for the integrity of the concept.
However else these movies succeed or fail, they tout the daily newspaper as guardian of a city's integrity and soul.
She didn't sell her integrity to the yearnings of the many.
But he seemed largely incurious about anyone's essential character, their integrity or motive.
His integrity and sense of fairness are as impeccable as his timing.
Double-check that the integrity of the plan will carry it through.
But to restore your reputation, you've got to show genuine integrity in making this decision.
It teaches professionalism, and its faculty are supposed to model integrity.
Honesty is an essential component of the quality called integrity--but not the whole of it.
Because the nearly instantaneous cooling of the hot liquid preserves aromatic integrity-and aroma is the gateway to taste.
Your ignorance is almost outweighed by your lack of integrity.
The real threat to the system's integrity has as yet received little attention.
As a result he has an unimpeachable reputation for integrity in an industry that does not.
The amount of disinformation and distortion in the comments above does a real disservice to scientific integrity.
The world temperature data has sufficient integrity to be used to determine global temperature trends.
In addition to integrity tests, the subjects underwent standard psychological evaluations to measure their creativity.
Treatment integrity of studies that compare short-term psychodynamic psychotherapy with cognitive-behavior therapy.
It's no wonder the world is so sceptical about their integrity and hidden agendas.
For purposes of stall and structural integrity, the airspeed is all important.
It lacks scientific integrity, it lacks broad subject-matter expertise, and displays widespread confirmation bias.
The latter was more evident in the older group, an indication that their white matter had lost some of its integrity.
So if your a pro-lifer and have any moral integrity nuclear power plants wouldn't even be on the table.
There is a strong need to protect the data, data integrity and its usage.
Concerns have also focused on the integrity of the mathematical modeling techniques that make derivatives trading possible.
The final system comes with an extremely high degree of integrity built in.
His integrity was impeccable, his prose lucid and profound.
To maintain structural integrity, the ski must be built with more rigidity.
They both lived with integrity, and taught me to live in a way that was consistent with my values.
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