Inhibitions in a sentence

Example sentences for Inhibitions

But the double-digit targets already set by some local governments suggest fewer inhibitions.
Rather they welcome the pain and torment as a release of their inhibitions.
They are whipped up into a frenzied dance in which normal inhibitions are broken down and anything goes.
The younger kids are the less inhibitions they have.
Intermediates may take a little while to get past their inhibitions.
Most of these drugs are depressants, which can reduce inhibitions by depressing those brain functions first.
Its victims are relieved of all anxieties and inhibitions.
Where he seems to have had no inhibitions about setting pen to paper was in his correspondence.
Many had come far from the inhibitions and prohibitions with which they grew up.
She is, by professional commitment, an apostle of the movement to dismantle social inhibitions.
On a potentially related note, cocaine lowers inhibitions.
Some of these inhibitions, if they are traced to their source, will be found to be even absurdly narrow.
Not because they are dramatically colorblind, but rather share some color inhibitions in part of the visible spectrum.
Not only does it lower inhibitions, it also serves as a way to bind the community of revelers together.
There are as many ways to learn-and as many inhibitions to learning-as there are things to learn.
Behavioral biology is also revealing the workings of our normal inhibitions.
Sign up on your own or as a group to let go of your inhibitions and step off the edge.
Propping their camcorders and dropping their inhibitions, more and more couples are videotaping their closest encounters.
Yet the emotional inhibitions, which had political significance in the first film, aren't particularly provocative here.
One of the first areas of the brain to be affected is the cerebral cortex, which controls judgment, self-control and inhibitions.
With the nervous system working slower, thinking is reduced, and rational inhibitions are partly reduced.
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