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And it is nearly certain that few of them-and few industries based on them-will come out of computer and information technology.
Well, my background was always in information technology.
New advances in information technology have made such collaboration much easier and more common.
He worries that the next breakthroughs in energy, transport and information technology will occur elsewhere.
The biggest change in the past decade is the rise of tools that rely heavily on the use of information technology.
Starting a business is easier than ever, thanks to advances in information technology.
Unlike information technology, though, freight transport has not evolved much during the past few decades.
In the private sector, tight budgets for information technology spark innovation.
There is also evidence that investment in other sorts of information technology could boost growth.
Some would rather hoard cash or buy back their own shares than spend it on more efficient machinery or information technology.
Some, indeed, think alternative energy will be the basis of a boom bigger than information technology.
Information technology helped in their efforts to introduce good knowledge-management practices.
Information technology is making it easier to connect country and business managers.
The new bachelor's degrees were initially focused on education, health care, and information technology.
We also have built the state's largest online learning program, military education program and information technology curriculum.
Information technology and gains in business productivity.
Information technology is on the brink of revolutionizing health care- if physicians will only let it.
Steve's leadership is largely about governing the use of information technology within the walls of government.
After all, information technology alone didn't guarantee higher productivity.
In the old days, information technology favored those in power, because it was one to many.
Naguib built up the corporation's positions in railways, information technology and telecommunications.
Information technology is reducing the need for certain jobs faster than new ones are being created.
Innovative information technology products and services at your fingertips.
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