Infirm in a sentence

Example sentences for Infirm

The way that humans take care of the sick and infirm within their communities is considered a unique trait.
The rest of the elderly infirm had to make their own arrangements.
It does not require a general anaesthetic, making it an attractive option for the elderly or infirm.
Space was valuable on the wagon train and, if available, for the old and infirm only.
In fact, the immune systems of the old and infirm don't respond efficiently to the flu vaccine.
Infirm buildings collapse each week, sometimes because they cannot withstand the vibrations from nearby construction work.
When granny has become so infirm that she can no longer make a cup of tea, she may be nudged into a care home.
Four of their highest-ranking leaders await trial but they are old and infirm.
Price had grown frail and infirm by that time, which affected his ability to walk, and the committee was often run by a colleague.
Think of the mobility enhancements for the infirm and elderly.
But bites can be fatal-usually to small children, the elderly, or the infirm.
There will, quite simply, cease to be a portion of the population that is frail and infirm as a result of age.
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