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Revelation lifted its head but otherwise remained as inert as a lump of clay.
The atmosphere in the box is dry nitrogen, which is relatively inert.
He evinces a blind spot for painting, with inert geometric canvases, but never a failure of nerve.
Sasha never took anything from stores-their cold, inert goods didn't tempt her.
But at that point the movie epic dies, and the entire project becomes inert and senseless.
It is a fantasy about fantasy, about the experience of sitting inert in the dark while your mind enters another world.
The problem is that methane is chemically inert, and combines readily with oxygen only at high temperatures.
By contrast, the cells are inert at room temperature.
Now these implants are stored in a vacuum or inert gas, which prevents the destructive oxidation.
Most people think of fat as an inert blob, but fat cells release powerful chemicals.
Better still, it is inert and a fire extinguisher to boot.
For that, wheeler-dealing and inert government are unlikely to be enough.
Helium is chemically inert and so useless as a battery material, as well as being expensive.
Resting on a mountain, snow seems inert, but its microstructure mutates constantly.
The star fizzles into an inert cinder, and its atoms drift off, seemingly lost in the interstellar gloom.
The balloon is immersed in a bath of inert oil to prevent interference from background radiation.
Then it would attract two stray electrons and turn into a harmless, inert helium atom.
These over-soles have an array of perforations facing down and are connected to a supply of compressed, inert gas.
Homeopathic pills are inert sugar pills that get subsumed into the body's carbohydrate metabolism.
Your examples also all involved large inert targets, such as hydroelectric dams and whole cities.
For example, pure germanium is an electrically inert substance.
Its central claim is that the concepts and intuitions that shape human history are dynamic, not inert.
And then the options are grim: do without lost teeth or replace them with inert prosthetic versions.
They all require the inert, or noble, gas helium for their use or at some stage of their production.
Yet, that emptiness is not thought to be inert nor barren.
His laser would probably work better if he used an inert gas shield around the emitter.
The protagonist's view of the wreck is partially obstructed, and so he does not identify the inert body on the road.
The lure of gold can be electric to some people, even though the element is chemically inert-on the large scale.
The metal should be as inert as possible so as to not interact chemically with the hydrogen isotope.
Living forms create virtually all of the substances that flow around the inert grains.
He was still alive but nearly inert, writhing halfheartedly.
Seeing the inert, dismembered bodies of elephants is every bit as disturbing to me as seeing the bodies of humans killed in war.
It's a marvel that something that feels so inert should have so much frenetic action.
Art could be indistinguishable from everything that was duplicated, reduced and inert.
Next, she helps herself to a heaping spoonful of the inert substance, puts it in her mouth and savors it as she might a good soup.
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