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It was a funny line, meant to imply an origin on different planets, but too facile by far.
To me, their sharp edges and his bare skin imply danger.
There are several that seem to imply that the whole civilization is going to collapse.
To snarl or shout would imply that some resistance to her authority exists, and none does.
The details of this story are accurate, but they are fitted together too neatly and are made to imply too much.
They imply that talk of causation or complication is for wimps.
Candidates shall not point rotating index fingers at their own temples to imply that opponent is mentally deranged.
Opponents of immigration sometimes imply that adding workers to a workforce automatically brings wages down.
Tenses, and all they imply, seem all too often overlooked.
They imply that the homogenization has already taken place.
Some people interpreted this to imply that it was her gender that denied her the prize.
But surely its popularity-allowing as how it is as popular as you imply-is easy to explain.
If gravity spreads in superluminal speed, it would rather imply larger scope of gravity action.
It also seems to imply that end users are consistently underrepresented compared to suppliers of compilers and tools.
The criticism seems to imply that what we're doing now already is better.
But nowhere in her book does she imply that backward regions should forego trade with advanced regions.
Behaviorist approaches, obviously, imply the existence of linguistic universals.
The uniformity of designation and the emphasis upon color clearly imply pejorative discrimination.
All this would imply that it will not quickly allow itself to be destroyed or implode through rivalries.
Now, this doesn't imply that an eruption occurred, but it might suggest activity on on the upswing.
And the authors imply that they have fatally damaged the concept of kin selection.
Thus net capital inflows, whether private or official, imply a current-account deficit.
But familiarity does not necessarily imply deep friendship.
And all the governors imply that a weaker dollar is the key to cutting the current-account deficit.
Fines, in contrast, imply that you can buy a clear conscience.
Interestingly, this would seem to imply that structural aspects of unemployment may be smaller than some estimate.
As a result, the indicators' predictive power is not as good as the revised series imply.
But that would imply a degree of isolation that surely few voters would enjoy.
His maps-where hotter colours imply more trouble-also make a starker point.
University officials, defending this strategy, often imply that they are only responding to student demand.
But that doesn't imply that economic growth automatically leads to an improvement in the environment.
They can imply a more general worldview, and voters have a right to know if a presidential candidate shares that perspective.
First of all, it is misleading to imply that companies aren't hiring because workers aren't cheap enough.
There are no cabs to hail, despite what the new local law allowing hailing may imply.
But similar targets don't necessarily imply a similar source.
It seemed to imply that all physicians oppose home birth and midwives.
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